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Rachel Maddow


(Rolling Stone Politics) – Janet Reitman:

How America’s wonkiest anchor cut through the chaos of the Trump administration and became the most trusted name in news …

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Rolling Stone: Rachel Maddow

No Is Not Enough


(Guardian Books) – Tim Adams:

The US has a president who embodies many of the things Naomi Klein has been warning about for years. She says her new book had to be written before things got worse. …

theguardian 2017/jun/11 naomi-klein

Naomi Klein: No Is Not Enough

Rachel Weisz


(Guardian Film) – Emma Brockes:

In her most successful decade, the actress talks family, ‘surrealist’ politics and the perils of marrying James Bond. …

theguardian 2017/jun/10 rachel-weisz

Rachel Weisz

The Heretic


(The Independent) – Andy Martin:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is one of the most forceful and provocative feminist critics challenging Islam today. She is also in hiding. Andy Martin meets her in an undisclosed location and finds a woman on a mission, a woman who found the power to say No and the freedom it gave her. …

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Fabricating Jesus


( – Valerie Tarico:

David Chumney spent almost three decades as an ordained Presbyterian minister before quietly exiting the ministry and Christianity itself. He now describes himself as agnostic, but his exodus from the Church didn’t end his fascination with New Testament studies or his quest to separate history from mythology in the biblical record. He tackles the fraught topic in his new book, Jesus Eclipsed. …

valerietarico fabricating-jesus

David Chumney: Jesus Eclipsed: How Searching the Scriptures Got in the Way of Recounting the Facts

What if Jesus Never Existed?


( – Valerie Tarico:

Outsiders can debate all they want, but Christians need to believe that Jesus was real, and defenders of the faith line up a series of proofs that they claim settle the question. Now David Fitzgerald has produced a three-volume set, Jesus: Mything in Action, in which he tackles those proofs one by one and then lays out how Christianity could have emerged even in the absence of a historical Jesus. …

valerietarico 2017/04/12 what-if

David Fitzgerald: Jesus: Mything in Action

Ian Rankin’s Career


(The Independent) – Andy Martin:

That crime fiction is no longer seen as inferior to ‘literature’ is in part thanks to Rebus, Ian Rankin’s stoic Scots detective, now in his 21st novel and loved by millions. Good job the author didn’t become an accountant …

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Ian Rankin

Tim Roth


(Guardian Culture) – Rory Carroll:

The actor, who plays a serial killer in new BBC drama Rillington Place, talks about the rise of fascism in the US, the abuse he suffered as a child and why he cares only about reviews from the staff in his local supermarket. …

theguardian 2016/dec/04 tim-roth

Tim Roth at the Langham Huntington hotel in Pasadena

Epicureanism and The Moral Animal


(3:AM) – Richard Marshall:

Even if the gods did exist, the Epicureans argued, they didn’t care about us. Rather, everything comes from nature, and all that really exists are atoms and void, moving and congregating. The life-world of human and animal experience, with colours, tastes, solid objects, is a perceptual effect of massed atoms. …

3am epicureanism

Catherine Wilson: Epicureanism at the Origins of Modernity

Joseph Stiglitz on the Euro and Hillary


(Slate::Interrogation) – Isaac Chotiner:

Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel Prize–winning economist, has served as the chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under President Clinton and as the World Bank’s chief economist. In 2010, he acted as an adviser to the Greek government and became one of the most prominent critics of the European austerity policies instituted after the financial crash. Out of that experience comes his new book, The Euro: How a Common Currency Threatens the Future of Europe.  …

Stiglitz has also been an adviser to the Hillary Clinton campaign, despite (or perhaps because of) his reputation as an outspoken progressive economist. I spoke by phone with Stiglitz. …

slate 2016/09 joseph_stiglitz

Joseph Stiglitz: The Euro