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Charlotte Church


(Guardian Music) – Emine Saner:

Famous since she was 11, the singer has endured constant condescension and press intrusion. But, she says, it has only strengthened her, her music, and her increasingly outspoken politics. …

theguardian 2017/may/27 charlotte-church

Charlotte Church


Frank Turner


(Patheos::ATP) – Jonathan MS Pearce:

I have featured Frank Turner on a couple of posts, mainly due to his rousing hymn to atheism, Glory Hallelujah. It’s incredible to think that some 12,000 people are singing the words “there is no God” in unison.

Frank is a local artist to me – we hail from the same county (Hampshire) in the south of the UK. I recently managed to get a little interview over the interweb with him. Enjoy! …

Frank Turner: Be More Kind

Humpback Whales Remix Their Old Songs


(Atlantic Science) – Ed Yong:

They combine tunes at musically similar places, like the world’s biggest DJs. …

theatlantic 2017/07 534636

Humpback whale

Ed Sheeran ÷


(Guardian Music) – Alexis Petridis:

As he releases his third album ÷Ed Sheeran talks about his most surreal moments of fame, being mobbed on easyJet and why he built a pub in his garden. …

theguardian 2017/mar/02 ed-sheeran

Ed Sheeran

Sukanya, an Indian Opera


(Guardian Music) – Anoushka Shankar:

From his deathbed, Ravi Shankar composed Sukanya, an opera for his beloved wife. A Hindi myth, a British orchestra, and the sitar and shennai have formed a coherent and moving whole. …

theguardian 2017/may/15 sukyana

Sukanya opera

The Tomb Where It Happened


(Good Tickle Brain) – Mya Gosling:

Time for another Hamilton/Shakespeare parody! Today’s offering takes Romeo and Juliet and sets it to “The Room Where It Happens“. …

goodticklebrain 2017/1/24 tomb

Mya Gosling: Hamilton-tomb

Leonard Cohen


(Preposterous Universe) – Sean Carroll:

Leonard Cohen, one of the greatest singer-songwriters in living memory, has died at age 82. His music was usually sad, sometimes melodramatic, always thoughtful and poetic and provocative. We’ll miss you, Leonard.

Let’s hope he was right about this democracy thing. …

preposterousuniverse 2016/11/10 leonard-cohen

Leonard Cohen

To Train Your Brain


(Guardian Education) – Mo Costandi:

Musical training can have a dramatic impact on your brain’s structure, enhancing your memory, spatial reasoning and language skills. …

theguardian 2016/oct/24 instrument

Musical brain stimulation

Bob Dylan Shouldn’t Have Gotten the Nobel


(Slate::BrowBeat) – Stephen Metcalf:

Bob Dylan is a musician, not a poet, and to demonstrate it I will now do something cruel. …

browbeat 2016/10/13 bob_dylan

Bob Dylan

A Celebration of Slavery


(The Intercept) – Jon Schwarz:

Almost no one seems to be aware that even if the U.S. were a perfect country today it would be bizarre to expect African American players to stand for the Star Spangled Banner. Why? Because it literally celebrates the murder of African Americans.

Few people know this because we only ever sing the first verse. But read the end of the third verse and you’ll see why the Star Spangled Banner is not just a musical atrocity, it’s an intellectual and moral one, too:

No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

theintercept 2016/08/28 colin-kaepernick

1812 Star-Spangled Banner