Street View in Space


(Atlantic Science) – Marina Koren:

New images on Google Maps were taken by an astronaut as he floated from module to module inside the International Space Station. …

theatlantic 2017/07 534369

Google maps interior view of ISS

Billions of New Neighbours?


(ESO PoTW) – Astronomers estimate that the Milky Way contains at least between 25 to 100 billion brown dwarfs. RCW 38 probably contains even more less massive, fainter brown dwarfs, which are beyond the detection limits of this image — so this new estimate could actually be a significant underestimation. Further surveys will reveal the true number of brown dwarfs lurking in the Milky Way. …

eso potw1729

ESO potw1729: Brown dwarfs in star cluster RCW 38

Russell’s Teapot


(xkcd) – Randall Munroe:

I‘m crowdfunding a project to launch a teapot into orbit around the Sun to settle the Russell thing once and for all.” …

xkcd 1866

Randall Munroe: xkcd 1866: Russell's Teapot



(FTB) – Mano Singham:

Sam Kriss says that the term neoliberal is not a recent one but dates back at least as far as to the 1950s and has a well-established pedigree. People who hate the term neoliberal the most are those who are themselves neoliberals, and he uses writer Jonathan Chait of the New York Magazine as a prime example. …

singham 2017/07/22 neoliberals


Trump’s Favorite Foe


(New Yorker) – David Remnick:

One of the saving graces of the Trump era is the journalism it has inspired. Maggie Haberman is a tireless, keen-eyed example. As part of the New York Times’ White House team, she has repeatedly added to the sum total of what we know about this President and the chaotic West Wing. …

newyorker trumps-favorite-foe

Maggie Haberman

The Wink of a Star


(Planetary Blogs) – Emily Lakdawalla:

After a world-spanning effort, the New Horizons team has successfully observed the tiny target of its future exploration dimming a distant star. …

emily-lakdawalla 2017/0720 mu69

2014 MU69, artist's impression

How The Fifth Element Subverted Sci-Fi Movies


(Atlantic Culture) – David Sims:

Twenty years before Valerian, Luc Besson’s visually stunning Fifth Element hinged its story not on action or violence, but on love. …

theatlantic 534108

The Fifth Element, 1997 film

Murderers Anonymous (part 1)


(Good Tickle Brain) – Mya Gosling:

There are many murderers in Shakespeare’s plays, but only seven who are named “Murderer”. These are them. …

goodticklebrain murderers 1

Mya Gosling: Murderers Anonymous (part 1)

Jeff Sessions Wants to Make “Legalized Theft” Great Again


(The Intercept) – Alex Emmons:

Donald Trump’s Justice Department revived a federal program on Wednesday that gives state and local law enforcement more power to seize property from people who haven’t been charged, let alone convicted, of a crime. …

theintercept 2017/07/20 legalized-theft

Legalized Robbery

Medicare For All


(Raging Pencils) – Mike Stanfill:

Hmmm, what’s a good replacement for Obamacare that the Democrats would support?” …

ragingpencils 2017/7-17

Mike Stanfill: Raging Pencils 2017-07-17: Medicare For All