Top 10 Cats in Literature


(Guardian Books) – Lynne Truss:

From riddlers to reincarnated geniuses and fine artists, fictional felines show why it’s worth risking one’s reputation to write about them. …

theguardian 2016/dec/07 top-10-cats

Arthur Robins's felonious feline Macavity

No Country With a McDonald’s Can Remain a Democracy


(Guardian Comments) – George Monbiot:

The best way to combat the likes of Trump, Le Pen and Farage and the politics they represent is to rescue power from the grip of transnational corporations. …

theguardian 2016/dec/06 mcdonalds

Dani Rodrik: The Globalization Paradox: Democracy and the Future of the World Economy

Trump’s Misogyny Outlet


(Guardian Comments) – Suzanne Moore:

Breitbart News is contemptuous of feminism – and abortion providers are routinely compared to Holocaust murderers. Now Roe v Wade is under threat. …

theguardian 2016/nov/14 trump-misogyny

Pro-choice campaigners

A Message to Breitbart from


(YouTube) – The Weather Channel:

Note to Breitbart: Earth is not cooling, climate change Is real and please stop using our video to mislead Americans. …

youtube UhdymoRTz6M

A Message to Breitbart from

The Holocene Hangover


(Guardian Books) – Fredrik Albritton Jonsson:

A dark picture of the present moment emerges in the Indian novelist Amitav Ghosh’s recent book The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable. The title captures his scathing diagnosis of the condition of literature and culture in the age of the Anthropocene. Why is it, he asks, that the literary world has responded to climate change with almost complete silence? …

But despite Ghosh’s dark sense of realism about our political options, he still manages to find hope in surprising places. He proposes that religious traditions might offer the most effective social basis for popular resistance. …

theguardian holocene-hangover

Amitav Ghosh: The Great Derangement

Narcissist-in-Chief: A Psychological Take on a Political Reality


( – Alfie Kohn:

The initial shock has given way to a twofold horror. First, there is the unavoidable fact that more than 62 million Americans voted for this man. Most white college graduates preferred him. Most white women preferred him. Presumably many of those 62 million aren’t bigots or bullies or sexual predators or compulsive liars. But they knowingly voted for someone who is all of those things and more.

And then there are the sickening practical implications. …

alfiekohn narcissist

Donald Trump venting

If “Nothing Fails Like Prayer,” Why Do People Keep at It?


( – Valerie Tarico:

Despite a stack of evidence that God is either deaf or dead (or otherwise unaffected by human supplication), theists by the hundreds of millions keep sending their requests heavenward.

These requests and offers often are made sincerely – by smart, kindhearted people who seemingly should know better.

What is going on? …

valerietarico nothing-fails-like-prayer

Duerer Prayer

Racism and Civility


(Atlantic Politics) – Vann R. Newkirk II:

Confronting racism can be important, even when it’s not persuasive. …

theatlantic 2016/12 509528


Tim Roth


(Guardian Culture) – Rory Carroll:

The actor, who plays a serial killer in new BBC drama Rillington Place, talks about the rise of fascism in the US, the abuse he suffered as a child and why he cares only about reviews from the staff in his local supermarket. …

theguardian 2016/dec/04 tim-roth

Tim Roth at the Langham Huntington hotel in Pasadena

Frightened by Donald Trump? You don’t know the half of it


(Guardian Comments) – George Monbiot:

Many of his staffers are from an opaque corporate misinformation network. We must understand this if we are to have any hope of fighting back against them. …

theguardian 2016/nov/30 misinformation

Trump's dumpster fire