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Touring the “Cosmos”


(Discover::Sciences) – Corey S. Powell:

The third edition of the legendary science TV show takes viewers to distant worlds, and to disparate possible futures. …

discovermagazine touring-the-cosmosCarl Sagan's Cosmos TV show

The Family Man


(BBC TV) – Jennifer Keishin Armstrong:

Secret government agent Srikant Tiwari has been banished to serve a post in the sprawling countryside of Kashmir after a botched mission near the home office in Mumbai. At night, he calls his family to check in, but learns that his kids, son Atharv and daughter Dhriti, had a great day at the mall with their mum – his wife, Suchitra – because she just took a new job at a start-up that he had begged her not to. …

With Amazon Prime-level production values, location shoots, and an omniscient point of view, the series can vividly portray both the plotters and fighters of terrorism throughout India and surrounding countries such as Pakistan. It also offers some funny one-liners and snide commentary, as when Sri’s friend and colleague explains to a newcomer: “Privacy is a myth, just like democracy.” …

bbc the-family-manThe Family Man, 2019 TV series

A Goodbye To ‘The Good Place’


(NPR Pop) – Linda Holmes:

Endings are sad, but without them, nothing matters.

That was only one of the lessons of the thoughtful, emotional finale of NBC’s The Good Place, which itself ended after four seasons and only 52 episodes. But, as the show itself stressed in its last couple of installments, heaven is not continuing forever: It’s leaving at the right time, when you’ve done your work. When you’re ready. …

npr 2020/01/31 the-good-placeThe Good Place

Clive James, the Mozart of TV criticism


(Guardian TV) – Euan Ferguson:

The current Observer TV critic examines the art of his predecessor and selects his favourite examples. …

Jimmy Connors has unleashed his new tactic, the Early Grunt. Since the grunt travels at the speed of sound, it arrives in the opponent’s court marginally before the ball does. Opponents try to hit the grunt” July 1979

theguardian clive-jamesClive James

Prince Andrew Has Ruined The Crown


(Guardian TV) – Stuart Heritage:

The thought of having to wait a decade for the Netflix take on the most staggering spectacle of our time – Prince Andrew’s interview – is torture. …

theguardian 2019/nov/18 prince-andrewThe Crown (Season 3)

Philip Pullman’s Problem With God


(Atlantic Culture) – James Parker:

In a bone-picking mood, I will sometimes imagine that I have a problem with the English writer Philip Pullman, best known for the fantasy trilogy His Dark Materials. I don’t like the flavor of his frequently expressed atheism, for example; I find it peremptory, literalistic. …

But then: Who am I to tell Pullman how to existentially orient himself? …

theatlantic 598351

BBC one and HBO: Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials

The Impeachment Netflix Series


(New Yorker::The Borowitz Report) – Andy Borowitz:

Former President Barack Obama has inked a ninety-million-dollar deal to produce a Netflix series about Donald J. Trump’s impeachment, Netflix confirmed on Friday. …

The former President acknowledged, however, that dramatizing the story of the Trump impeachment was not without challenges. “Right now, the main character reveals the smoking gun himself in the first episode,” he said. “There’s virtually no mystery.” …

borowitz netflix impeachment

Barack Obama smiles

The West Wing: We Got Obama Elected!


(Guardian TV) – Kate Abbott:

Racist hate mail, late-night booze-ups, 9/11 hysteria and a visit from Prince Andrew … 20 years after its launch, Aaron Sorkin and his team recall the epic TV drama that changed US politics. …

theguardian west-wing

The West Wing, 1999-2006 TV show

The Good Place


(Patheos::ATP) – Jonathan MS Pearce:

I have talked several times before about the Netflix show, The Good Place. It’s a great show that popularises philosophy and packages it for the mass market.

As the show comes to an end, the shows creator talks about the evolution of the idea for the show …

tippling 2019/08/10 good-person

The Good Place

Good Omens


(Patheos::Daylight Atheism) – Adam Lee:

Good Omens is a joyous and long-overdue adaptation, even if it tries a little too hard to be faithful to the book. …

daylightatheism review-good-omens

Good Omens, 2019 TV mini series