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(Guardian::Film) – Guy Lodge:

Alex Garland’s follow-up to Ex Machina was hotly anticipated, yet it’s gone direct to Netflix. Why? …

theguardian 2018/mar/10 annihilation

Annihilation, 2018 film


Dirty Money


(Guardian Film) – Killian Fox:

The documentary-maker Alex Gibney on his new Netflix series, Trump’s trail of slime and how tennis keeps him sane …

theguardian 2018/feb/04 dirty-money

Netflix: Dirty Money

Tim Minchin’s Worst Year


(Guardian Stage) – Steph Harmon:

Tim Minchin has segued from Donald Trump to homophobia, from race relations to nationalism. In his answer to a single question, he has woven together a stream of cohesive, progressive thought – taking in the UK, Australia and the US – before interrupting himself with a comedic double-take: “Should I go into politics?” …

theguardian 2018/jan/29 tim-minchin

Squinters, with Tim Minchin

Golden Globes 2018


(Guardian Film) – Peter Bradshaw:

Who will win – and who should win …

theguardian 2018/jan/05 golden-globes

Golden Globe statuette

Jodie Foster: “I make movies to figure out who I am”


(Guardian Film) – Tim Adams:

Directing a new Black Mirror film gives Jodie Foster the chance to look back at her own upbringing. …

theguardian film/2017/dec/10 jodie-foster

Black Mirror Arkangel

Deconstructing Trumpspeak


(FTB) – Mano Singham:

On his last show for the year, John Oliver looks at the obfuscatory rhetorical techniques that Donald Trump uses and the danger of them spreading more widely. He also looks at the slight glimmers of hope that have emerged. …

singham 2017/11/13 trumpspeak

John Oliver on Trump Presidency

Magic To Make The Sanest Man Go Mad


(Starts With A Bang!) – Ethan Siegel:

There’s been one question that’s bothered me in every episode since Star Trek: Discovery began: why would anyone want to be on this ship? Everyone is thoroughly expendable; nobody has fun; people have to fight with higher-ups all the time just to do their jobs. Yet right from the outset, we see a side of Star Trek that we rarely see, as the crew has an after-hours party. Burnham, Tilly, Tyler and more show us a personal, non-professional side of themselves that’s charming and disarming, and we learn that Burnham and Tyler like each other. Stamets has completely transformed since he’s begun using himself to power the spore drive, as his mind has truly been expanded. And it’s the crew’s ability to work together as a team while working according to their individual strengths that allows them to overcome Mudd, a time loop, and their own fears. If you haven’t been watching Star Trek: Discovery, this episode alone may be worth the journey so far. …

starts-with-a-bang 2fb0f4a19076

Star Trek: Discovery

Happy Little Trees And Clouds


(Vintage News) – Martin Chalakoski:

A few years back, a couple of high profile streamers at, the Amazon-owned video game streaming site, began a Bob Ross streaming marathon for their viewers with a clear intention of making a joke out of the beloved painter from the 1980s television show The Joy of Painting. By a happy little accident, they made him famous instead. …

thevintagenews 2017/10/26 bob-ross

Bob Ross

Broadchurch: Season 3


(FTB) – Mano Singham:

I just watched the eight-episode third series of the British detective drama Broadchurch and it is excellent, maintaining and even exceeding the standard set by the first two seasons. The third series takes place three years after the second one and features the return of detectives Alec Hardy (David Tennant) and Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) to investigate a new crime of the rape of a woman after a party, but it also weaves in some storylines and characters from the previous seasons. …

singham 2017/10/29 broadchurch


Star Trek: Discovery


(Starts With A Bang!) – Ethan Siegel:

From the very first scenes, it’s clear that Star Trek: Discovery isn’t so much about exploring strange, new worlds or seeking out new life and new civilizations as it is about emphasizing the resourcefulness and cleverness of humans in dire situations. And as Discovery develops, it becomes very clear that the element of human ingenuity, combined with the strongly ingrained idea of rule-and-protocol-following and poor crisis training, is going to be a disaster. …

starts-with-a-bang 1-2-38ac77fe4e0b

Star Trek: Discovery