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10 Women in Science


(Discover::Sciences) – Megan Schmidt:

Science is often considered a male-dominated field. But these female scientists broke boundaries and made important discoveries:

discovermagazine 10-women-in-science10 female scientists

Meghan Marvel


(Guardian Film) – Stuart Heritage:

Which superhero should the duchess play?

A princess seeking revenge after her royal privileges are revoked? A drifter trying to get away from her awful father? Or maybe a guardian of Captain Britain? …

theguardian which-superheroEverywoman Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

So Much Hate


(Patheos::ATP) – Jonathan MS Pearce:

I sat on my own lounge a couple of days ago and listened to one of my parents and my in-laws relay so much hate towards, for all intents and purposes, a 16-year-old (now 17) that I could hardly think of how to appropriately react whilst remaining diplomatic. When I drilled down as to why one of them hated Greta Thunberg so much, I was met with one reasonable reply: “I hate her face”.

If I had achieved a scintilla of what she had by her age in my entire life, I would be so proud of myself, and my parents would be so proud of me. She’s been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, for goodness sake. …

On a daily basis, virtually none of us are doing enough to be morally responsible in terms of behaviour with regard to the fact of climate change. We fall short. So our brains do funny things to allow us to maintain the belief that we are still good people. Greta = bad means we = good. …

tippling so-much-hateGreta Thunberg on school strike

Astroturf Twins


(Jen Sorensen) – Jen Sorensen:

As you may have heard, there is now an anti-GretaNaomi Seibt. …

jensorensen astroturf-twinsJen Sorensen: Astroturf Twins

AOC: One Year in Washington


(NewYork Intelligencer) – David Freedlander:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has reshaped her party’s agenda, resuscitated Bernie Sanders’s campaign, and hardly has a friend in town. …

nymag aoc-first-yearAOC, by David Williams

Terry Gilliam


(Independent Film) – Alexandra Pollard:

After two decades of trying, the director and former Monty Python member has finally managed to make ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’. But he’d rather talk about #MeToo, the trials of being a white man, and why he’s decided to become a ‘black lesbian in transition’. …

independent a9269136The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, 2018 film

Michael Moore


(Rolling Stone Politics) – Matt Taibbi:

The famed documentarian tells Rolling Stone‘s Katie Halper and Matt Taibbi about solar storms, pedophile coffee, the Flint water crisis, Trump’s chances next year, and other horrors. …

rollingstone michael-mooreKatie Halper, Matt Taibbi, Michael Moore

Impeachment Reasons A-Z


(The Intercept) – Mehdi Hasan:

Donald Trump became the third president of the United States to be impeached.

I couldn’t help but be disappointed that there were only two articles of impeachment passed against the president. Two? That’s it? Why were other Trumpian offenses not included?…

theintercept a-z-trump-impeachmentVoting on House Resolution 755: Impeachment of Donald Trump

What is Trump?


(Patheos::ATP) – Bert Bigelow:

I found this in a comment thread here. …

Trump is a snowflake’s idea of strength and masculinity, an incel’s idea of a playboy, a racist’s idea of white supremacy, a Christian extremist’s idea of being godly, a nationalist’s idea of patriotism, and an idiot’s idea of being a self-made millionaire. But perhaps worst of all, he’s a bully’s idea of how might-makes-right is “nature’s way” of how the world works. In the end, these bullies are more than willing to shut off whatever empathy they may have, and will use the power of the law to make the lives of everyone that isn’t white, rich, straight, and Christian complete and utter hell, and worse if possible. Why? Because they can.

tippling what-is-trumpDonald Trump, unmasked Hitler

When London Bridge Goes Down


(Guardian long read) – Sam Knight:

She is venerated around the world. She has outlasted 12 US presidents. She stands for stability and order. But her kingdom is in turmoil, and her subjects are in denial that her reign will ever end. That’s why the palace has a plan. …

theguardian london-bridgeKing George VI funeral procession 1952