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Lady Bird


(Guardian Film) – Benjamin Lee:

In Lady BirdGreta Gerwig tells a semi-autobiographical tale of growing up in California with authenticity, warmth and excellent performances from Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf. …

theguardian 2017/sep/10 lady-bird

Lady Bird, 2017 film


Saoirse Ronan


(Guardian Film) – Vanessa Thorpe:

The Irish-American actor has been tipped for Oscar glory in Lady Bird, Greta Gerwig’s acclaimed comic drama. …

theguardian 2018/jan/14 saoirse-ronan

Saoirse Ronan

The Final Year


(Guardian Film) – Julian Borger:

Ben Rhodes spent 10 years as Barack Obama’s right-hand man. As a new film puts him in the spotlight, he talks high-stakes diplomacy and the chaos of Trump’s White House. …

theguardian 2018/jan/13 ben-rhodes

The Final Year, 2017 film

Golden Globes 2018


(Guardian Film) – Peter Bradshaw:

Who will win – and who should win …

theguardian 2018/jan/05 golden-globes

Golden Globe statuette

The Thin Blue Line


(FTB) – Mano Singham:

This highly acclaimed documentary by Errol Morris is a grim reminder of how in America, at least in some jurisdictions, so many innocent people are executed or incarcerated for decades because the police and prosecutors care less about the truth than ‘notching up a win’ and closing a case as quickly as they can.

The case so well illustrates that when police and prosecutors severely distort the judicial process in order to get a conviction, it is not just that an innocent person is deprived of life and liberty, as bad as that is, but that a whole lot of random innocent people suffer because of it. In their zeal to convict an innocent man of murder, the Dallas police and prosecutors let the real killer walk free and subsequently commit a string of violent crimes for a decade that ended with another murder. It was only after he was arrested for that second murder that the crime spree ended. The authorities are thus indirectly responsible for all those crimes. …

singham 2017/12/28 thin-blue-line

The Thin Blue Line, 1988 film

2017’s True Movie Posters


(Guardian Film) – How would honest copywriters have pitched the big films of the year to audiences? …

theguardian 2017/dec/26 truth

Wonder Woman White Beyonce

The Real Drama in “The Post”


(The Intercept) – Jon Schwarz:

The overwhelming problems for journalism are structural, not individual. So go see “The Post” – it’s incredibly well-made, it’s dramatic, and it’s surprisingly accurate. Just remember that Katharine Graham could stand up to the government, but in the end her paper could not stand up to the Force of capitalism. …

theintercept 2017/12/22 the-post

The Post, 2017 film

Minnie Driver


(Guardian Culture) – Bim Adewunmi:

Such is Minnie Driver‘s power to inhabit her characters that I buy her performance in every role. …

theguardian 2016/nov/12 minnie-driver

Minnie Driver

Harvey Weinstein Is My Monster Too


(NYTimes Opinion) – Salma Hayek:

Harvey Weinstein was a passionate cinephile, a risk taker, a patron of talent in film, a loving father and a monster.

For years, he was my monster.

This fall, I was approached by reporters, through different sources, including my dear friend Ashley Judd, to speak about an episode in my life that, although painful, I thought I had made peace with. …

nytimes 2017/12/13 harvey-weinstein

Salma Hayek

Polynesian Celestial Navigation in Moana


(Planetary Blogs) – Duane W. Hamacher & Carla Bento Guedes:

One of the greatest feats of human migration in history was the colonisation of the vast Pacific Ocean by Polynesian peoples. They achieved it thanks to their sophisticated knowledge of positional astronomy and celestial navigation.

The Disney film Moana has drawn attention to these accomplishments and helped inform a new generation about the complexity of Indigenous astronomy. …

planetary  20171122 moana

Moana, 2016 film