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Hollywood Rewards a Mass Murderer


(WP Opinions) – Shashi Tharoor:

History,” Winston Churchill said, “will be kind to me, for I intend to write it myself.” He needn’t have bothered. He was one of the great mass murderers of the 20th century, yet is the only one, unlike Hitler and Stalin, to have escaped historical odium in the West. He has been crowned with a Nobel Prize (for literature, no less), and now, an actor portraying him (Gary Oldman) has been awarded an Oscar. …

wp 2018/03/10 winston-churchill

Darkest Hour, 2017 film


Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story


(Guardian Film) – Peter Bradshaw:

This excellent documentary celebrates the glamorous Hollywood icon and brilliant engineer whose groundbreaking work led to Bluetooth and WiFi. …

theguardian 2018/mar/09 bombshell

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story, 2017 film

Jennifer Lawrence


(Guardian::Film) – Guy Lodge:

Jennifer Lawrence tests her star quality again with Red Sparrow – the latest unconventional move for an actor toying with public perception. …

theguardian 2018/mar/02 lawrence

Red Sparrow, 2018 film

One of Us


(Patheos::Daylight Atheism) – Adam Lee:

I highly recommend One of Us, an original documentary on Netflix. It’s a quiet, introspective look at the high price of breaking free from a religious community whose beliefs restrict every part of daily life. …

daylightatheism 2018/02 one-us

One of Us, 2017 Netflix film

Seeing Allred


(FTB) – Mano Singham:

Netflix has released the documentary Seeing Allred on Gloria Allred, the high-profile attorney who has been prominent in representing the women who were the victims of odious people like Bill Cosby and Donald Trump. I watched it last night and it was very good. Allred has been a lightning rod for critics, many of whom have accused her of being a publicity-seeking, ambulance-chasing, money grubbing lawyer, exploiting her clients for her own financial benefit and ego.

This film serves as a counter to that narrative, telling the story of her life and why she does what she does. (I wrote last month about the tragic events in her own life as a young woman that started her on the quest to help other abused women.) She comes across as a determined, passionate, indefatigable fighter. What is noteworthy is that throughout her life, she has been on the right side of every civil and rights issue, fighting for equal rights for women, minorities, and the LGBT community long, long before they became mainstream struggles that others joined. …

singham 2018/02/10 seeing-allred

Seeing Allred (2018)

In the Line of Dire


(Guardian Film) – Steve Rose:

There is no questioning the heroism of the three Americans, two of them off-duty soldiers, who foiled a terrorist attack on a Paris-bound train in 2015. There is a question, though, over whether we needed a movie about it. The answer could be summarised in two words: Clint Eastwood. With a career as long and lucrative as his, there is practically no one left in Hollywood who’d dare refuse him. The grizzled veteran can pretty much make whatever he wants – which is invariably a story of stoic, white, militaristic American masculinity saving the day. …

theguardian 2018/jan/29 steve-rose

Clint Eastwood

Lady Bird


(Guardian Film) – Benjamin Lee:

In Lady BirdGreta Gerwig tells a semi-autobiographical tale of growing up in California with authenticity, warmth and excellent performances from Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf. …

theguardian 2017/sep/10 lady-bird

Lady Bird, 2017 film

Saoirse Ronan


(Guardian Film) – Vanessa Thorpe:

The Irish-American actor has been tipped for Oscar glory in Lady Bird, Greta Gerwig’s acclaimed comic drama. …

theguardian 2018/jan/14 saoirse-ronan

Saoirse Ronan

The Final Year


(Guardian Film) – Julian Borger:

Ben Rhodes spent 10 years as Barack Obama’s right-hand man. As a new film puts him in the spotlight, he talks high-stakes diplomacy and the chaos of Trump’s White House. …

theguardian 2018/jan/13 ben-rhodes

The Final Year, 2017 film

Golden Globes 2018


(Guardian Film) – Peter Bradshaw:

Who will win – and who should win …

theguardian 2018/jan/05 golden-globes

Golden Globe statuette