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Strong and Stable


(indy100) – Bridie Pearson-Jones:

Theresa May has called an election for June 8.

She wants to be elected as Prime Minster, and she wants you to think she’s strong and stable.

She’s said this a few times, in fact, it’s pretty much all she’s said in the campaign.
However, it appears someone disagrees that she’s going to be a ‘strong and stable’ leader. …

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Strong and stable

Trump’s Budget Is an Aristocratic Con


(The Atlantic) – Derek Thompson:

The president’s aristocratic tax-and-spend plan isn’t just a reversal of his campaign promises. It’s also a deeply unpopular blueprint for the country. …

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4-Year-Olds Don’t Act Like Trump


(NYTimes Opinion) – Alison Gopnik:

The analogy is pervasive among his critics: Donald Trump is like a child. Making him the president was like making a 4-year-old the leader of the free world.

But the analogy is profoundly wrong, and it’s unfair to children. The scientific developmental research of the past 30 years shows that Mr. Trump is utterly unlike a 4-year-old. …

nytimes 2017/05/20 4-year-olds

Donald Trump at the White House Easter egg roll 2017

Better Call Bob!


(The Intercept) – Trevor Aaronson:

When Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III as special counsel to investigate possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, he called on Washington’s consummate clean-up man. …

theintercept 2017/05/18 better-call-bob

Robert S. Mueller iii

Is Trump Suffering from Dementia?


(FTB) – Mano Singham:

The allegation of Trump having loose lips brings back to the fore the increasingly discussed question of whether Trump is losing control of his cognitive faculties or is ‘merely’ suffering from narcissistic personality disorder.

Kali Holloway thinks that there are signs of a real problem of the first kind.

David Pakman also marshals the evidence in favor of the first possibility (cognitive decline) and against the second one (NPD). …

singham 2017/05/16 what

clueless Donald Trump

Led by a Child


(NYTimes Opinion) – David Brooks:

We’ve got this perverse situation in which the vast analytic powers of the entire world are being spent trying to understand a guy whose thoughts are often just six fireflies beeping randomly in a jar.

“We badly want to understand Trump, to grasp him,” David Roberts writes in Vox. “It might give us some sense of control, or at least an ability to predict what he will do next. But what if there’s nothing to understand? What if there is no there there?” …

nytimes 2017/05/15 trump

Donald Trump childish

Chelsea Manning Prepares for Freedom


(Guardian) –  Ed Pilkington:

On Wednesday, after seven years, Chelsea Manning will walk out of military prison a free woman. Edward Snowden leads the tributes, and tells the Guardian how Manning ‘left behind the safety of silence to speak a truth that saved lives’ …

theguardian 2017/may/13 chelsea-manning

Chelsea Manning

Trump’s Craven Enablers


(New Yorker) – John Cassidy:

It is often said that the U.S. Presidency is a relatively weak office – but that is a contingent statement. To prevent the President from gaining too much power, or abusing that power, the Founding Fathers divided authority among the different branches of government, and established some fundamental governing principles. These are the fabled checks and balances, arranged, as James Bryce, the British jurist, noted in his venerable 1888 tome, “The American Commonwealth,” to “restrain any one department from tyranny.”

But the checks and balances only work if each of Bryce’s departments agrees to play its allotted role. A President enabled by a spineless and supine Congress that fails to exercise its oversight powers isn’t a weak executive at all: he is a potential despot. …

newyorker craven-republicans

US Senate Republicans

Roswell, NM – 1947


(New Yorker::Daily Cartoon) – Pat Byrnes:

You fools! It’s getting away.” …

newyorker roswell-trump

Pat Byrnes: Roswell 1947

The Curse of Blasphemy Laws


(FTB) – Mano Singham:

The outgoing governor of Jakarta in Indonesia, who is a double minority in that he is both Christian and ethnic Chinese in a country that has the largest Muslim population in the world and is 85% Muslim, was sentenced to two-years imprisonment for blasphemy. His crime? Quoting a verse from the Koran which he said that opponents were using to mislead people that Muslims should not vote for a non-Muslim. …

singham 2017/05/09 blasphemy-laws