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Boris Johnson’s Turd


(Guardian Comments) – Gary Younge:

In Britain and America, the new right is cultivating a dangerous sense of victimhood and shifting blame for its failures elsewhere. …

theguardian 2018/jul/20 brexiteers

Nathalie Lees: Whining Brexiteers


Donald Trump’s Treason


(Guardian US) – Lauren Gambino:

Donald Trump drew mostly bipartisan condemnation after failing to denounce Russian meddling in the US presidential election at a joint press conference with Vladimir Putin.

Former CIA Director John O. Brennan on Twitter:

Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of “high crimes & misdemeanors.” It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you???

theguardian 2018/jul/16 trump…treason

John O. Brennan: Trump’s press conference performance treasonous

Trump and Fascism


(Patheos::ATP) – Jonathan MS Pearce:

This was a recent piece by Fintan O’Toole in The Irish Times. After talking about the first step of rigging elections, as has been seen in the US and with Brexit to varying degrees, it goes on to say:

Fascism does not need a majority – it typically comes to power with about forty percent support and then uses control and intimidation to consolidate that power. So it doesn’t matter if most people hate you, as long as your forty percent is fanatically committed. That’s been tested out too.

And fascism of course needs a propaganda machine so effective that it creates for its followers a universe of “alternative facts” impervious to unwanted realities. Again, the testing for this is very far advanced.

tippling 2018/07/15 trump-and-fascism


Less Defense Spending


(Atlantic) – Peter Beinart:

America’s NATO partners don’t need to spend 2 percent of GDP on defense, let alone 4 percent. And the fact that some of America’s most prominent progressive politicians and journalists think they should underscores just how detached liberal foreign policy has become from the values liberals supposedly prize. …

theatlantic 564911


Susan Sarandon, You Work For Trump


(Guardian Showbiz) – Marina Hyde:

It’s time the Thelma and Louise star faced the fact that she’s a MAGA asset who works for the US president. …

theguardian 2018/jul/05 susan-sarandon

Nick Oliver: Susan Sarandon's activism

Jeremy Hunt Should Resign


(Independent::Voices) – Kailash Chand:

The way this NHS is being managed by Hunt is a stunning example of how not to do things. I have no doubt that if Hunt was a doctor, he would be facing disciplinary action. …

independent 8430311

Dave Brown: Closing NHS Hospitals

A Funeral for a Vision of Europe


(Atlantic) – Rachel Donadio:

France celebrates the icon and Holocaust survivor Simone Veil, at a time when her ideals are under threat. …

theatlantic simone-veil

Simone Veil Panthéon interment



(FTB stderr) – Marcus Ranum:

Does The New York Times deal in truth? Or is it just marketing? In my terms, I do not say that The New York Times is reporting the truth; it is reporting an edited version of the truth, which has been edited by the establishment. And, since it’s edited by the establishment, those edits being in service of the establishment, I would say The New York Times is not even a newspaper, it’s an establishment propaganda arm. …

stderr 2018/06/30 truth

New York Times Truth PR

U.S. Asylum Seekers Analogy


(FTB Pharyngula) – PZ Myers:

Sessions: asylum seekers are like criminals breaking into your house.

Real analogy: your neighbor’s husband is shot and killed. She flees to your house with her baby. When she knocks, you call the police and have her arrested for trespassing.

She never sees her baby again.

pharyngula 2018/06/30 analogy

Asylum seekers analogy USA

Democratic Socialists of America


(FTB) – Mano Singham:

As a result of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s win, the Democratic Socialists of America are reporting an increase in their membership. Matt Taibbi has a roundup of the alarmed reactions to this result from the political-media establishment and says that the Democratic party leadership and the media pundits are dumping on AOC’s victory because she represents a different world from their comfortable one. …

singham 2018/06/29 choice

Democratic Socialists of America