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The Donald Trump Bowling Ball Test


(Raging Pencils) – Mike Stanfill:

Did you feel that?” …

ragingpencils 3-16-18

Mike Stanfill: Raging Pencils 2018-03-16: The Donald Trump Bowling Ball Test


Shakespeare And Politics


(Guardian Stage) – Mark Lawson:

Yanis Varoufakis, the Greek former finance minister talks about the lessons politicians could learn from Shakespeare. …

theguardian 2018/mar/19 shakespeare-politics


A CIA Director-Designate and Nazi War Crimes


(The Intercept) – Jon Schwarz:

During the Nuremberg Trials after World War II, several Nazis, including top German generals Alfred Jodl and Wilhelm Keitel, claimed they were not guilty of the tribunal’s charges because they had been acting at the directive of their superiors.

The Nuremberg judges rejected that defense, and both Jodl and Keitel were hanged. The United Nations International Law Commission later codified the underlying principle from Nuremberg as “the fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.”

This is likely the most famous declaration in the history of international law and is as settled as anything possibly can be.

However, many members of the Washington, D.C. elite are now stating that it, in fact, is a legitimate defense for American officials who violate international law to claim they were just following orders. …

theintercept 2018/03/15 nazi-defense

Nuremberg International Military Tribunal court

Annabelle Timsit: What Happened at the Thailand ‘Black Site’ Run By Trump’s CIA Pick

Marcus Ranum: A Confirmation Question for Gina Haspel

N.R.A. Proposes 2nd Armed Teacher


(New Yorker::The Borowitz Report) – Andy Borowitz:

Hours after an armed teacher in a Northern California classroom fired a gun and injured a student, the head of the National Rifle Association proposed placing a second armed teacher in every classroom, to shoot the first armed teacher before he or she can do harm. …

borowitz-report nra-proposes


Where Is Barack Obama?


(Atlantic Politics) – Julian E. Zelizer:

The former president’s reticence in the Trump era is only hurting his party. …

theatlantic 555296

Princeton University Press: Julian E. Zelizer: The Presidency of Barack Obama – A First Historical Assessment

Betting on Trump


(Raging Pencils) – Mike Stanfill:

Betcha I can.” …

ragingpencils 3-9-18

Mike Stanfill: Betting on Trump

Hollywood Rewards a Mass Murderer


(WP Opinions) – Shashi Tharoor:

History,” Winston Churchill said, “will be kind to me, for I intend to write it myself.” He needn’t have bothered. He was one of the great mass murderers of the 20th century, yet is the only one, unlike Hitler and Stalin, to have escaped historical odium in the West. He has been crowned with a Nobel Prize (for literature, no less), and now, an actor portraying him (Gary Oldman) has been awarded an Oscar. …

wp 2018/03/10 winston-churchill

Darkest Hour, 2017 film

Bogus Viewpoint Diversity


(FTB) – Mano Singham:

The regular columnists on the editorial pages of the New York Times are people who range from centrists to right-wingers. In particular, the paper has always taken a strongly pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian stance. Glenn Greenwald takes apart the bogus claims of that newspaper that it seeks viewpoint diversity in its editorial pages by showing how its recent hires have gone in the opposite direction, especially with the hiring of Brett Stephens and Bari Weiss, the latter being pretty much a propagandist for Israel who has long been on a crusade to suppress any criticisms of that country’s atrocious treatment of Palestinians. …

singham 2018/03/08 new-york-times

New York Times 2013-01-31

The Man Behind the Trump Dossier


(New Yorker::A Reporter at Large) – Jane Mayer:

How an ex-spy tried to warn the world about Trump’s ties to Russia …

newyorker 2018/03/12 christopher-steele

A. Paul Weber: Das Gerücht

When the US Last Introduced Tariffs


(Guardian US) – Dominic Rushe:

Willis Hawley and Reed Smoot were reviled for a bill blamed for triggering the Great Depression. Will Trump follow their lead? …

theguardian 2017/jan/29 protectionism

Great Depression Newspaper