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Let’s Abandon Climate Targets


(Guardian Comments) – George Monbiot:

Setting targets for climate action sounds sensible, but is actually impeding progress. There’s a different approach: maximisation. …

theguardian climate-targetsOil rig in the North Sea

Extinction Rebellion


(Guardian Comments) – George Monbiot:

Police say climate groups such as Extinction Rebellion are a ‘threat’. They’d have done the same for the suffragettes and Martin Luther King. …

theguardian defending-lifeExtinction Rebellion protest at Heathrow airport, December 2019

The True Arsonists


(VICE Environment) – Geoff Dembicki:

The true arsonists responsible for one of the worst fire seasons in Australian history are the people who lead 90 of the world’s most polluting companies, including oil and gas producers like Chevron, Exxon, Shell, BP, Gazprom, and Saudi Aramco, as well as major coal producers like Coal India and Peabody Energy. Together, these “carbon majors” are responsible for nearly two-thirds of the industrial greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere since the mid-1750s. …

vice pay-for-australian-firesAustralian wildfire

The Banality of Apocalypse


(The Intercept) – Eric Byler:

As I write this, it’s 3 a.m. on January 2 in Australia. There are over 100 fires burning in New South Wales and Victoria, the two most populous states. Five more people are missing and presumed dead in the Cobargo fire. While we were still in Pambula, a firefighter died in the line of duty in Jingellic, New South Wales. The Mallacoota fire in Victoria has combined with the Weir Road fire in New South Wales. They are now referring to it as the Border Fire. There are no contained edges. Military ships and helicopters have been deployed to rescue thousands — many of them beach vacationers — still trapped. …

theintercept 2020/01/01 fireCobargo, New South Wales, 2019-12-31

Climate Tipping Points Crossed


(Guardian::Environment) – Damian Carrington:

Warning of ‘existential threat to civilisation’ as impacts lead to cascade of unstoppable events …

theguardian 2019/nov/27 climate-emergencyLenton e.a.: Climate Tipping Points

Ice Sheet Melting Seven Times Faster


(Guardian::Environment) – Fiona Harvey:

Greenland‘s ice sheet is melting seven times faster than in the 1990s.

Scale and speed of loss are much higher than predicted, threatening inundation for hundreds of millions of people. …

theguardian seven-timesGreenland glaciers calving icebergs

Toxic Technical Debt


(Atlantic Tech) – Alexis C. Madrigal:

Climate change will soon expose a crippling problem embedded in the nation’s infrastructures. In fire-ravaged California, it already has. …

theatlantic toxic-debt

Kincade fire burns near Healdsburg, California

The All-Renewable Electric Grid


(Discover Blogs::The Crux) – David Timmons:

The main solution to climate change is well known – stop burning fossil fuels. How to do this is more complicated, but as a scholar who does energy modeling, I and others see the outlines of a post-fossil-fuel future: We make electricity with renewable sources and electrify almost everything. …

crux renewable-grid

Wind farm

Bernie Sanders’s Climate Plan


(The Intercept) – Kate Aronoff:

If you tried to design a program with the aim of offending the top brass of the world’s most powerful corporations and the politicians whose careers they bankroll, you’d get something like what Bernie Sanders unveiled in his $16.3 trillion Green New Deal platform. That’s part of the point. “We need a president who has the courage, the vision, and the record to face down the greed of fossil fuel executives and the billionaire class who stand in the way of climate action,” the plan’s opening salvo states, going on to echo a famous line from Franklin Delano Roosevelt. “We need a president who welcomes their hatred.” …

theintercept bernie-sanders-climate-policy

Bernie Sanders rally 2019-06-01

The Arctic Is Melting And Is On Fire


(FTB Pharyngula) – PZ Myers:

Isn’t this a lovely example of a catastrophic threshold effect? Humans produce excess carbon in the atmosphere, warming the planet; warming the planet dries out gigantic swathes of peat in the arctic, which catches fire and releases more carbon into the atmosphere. The Earth has all these colossal reservoirs of sequestered carbon, and we burn through one, the buried fossil fuels, and it unlocks all the others, such as the peat bogs.

We’re talking about climate events on a planetary scale, and they’re moving so fast that we need to be talking on a time scale of months. Usually, scientists and science reporters are telling you that geology moves incredibly slowly, but humans have effectively goosed the planet into bringing change so fast that we’re seeing it in a fraction of a lifetime. …

pharyngula 2019/08/14 arctic on-fire

Arctic wildfire