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The Greater Insult


(YouTube) – DarkMatter2525:

Even though I’m a nonbeliever, would I be scared to learn that God really does exist? No. Far from it. The belief that God desires praise, worship, and violent retribution, comes from a lack of understanding about what it’s like to be an enlightened being. It is ignorance projecting ignorance.

The theist view of God is actually far more insulting than the atheist view. It is commonly held that the atheist is the offensive one, that the nonbeliever must walk on eggshells, and be considerate of the beliefs of others. That seems backwards to me. What if there is a god and that god is offended at the thought of people believing he desires worship and praise, demands it even, for eternity – like some petty narcissist? What if that god is disappointed in those who expected him to torture their enemies? What if the believers and the nonbelievers are made to face their creator, and it is the believers who must answer for their offensive beliefs? Even if that’s the case, I don’t think any of us would have anything to worry about, believer and nonbeliever alike, because any mind capable of creating this universe would be enlightened to the point of being beyond such petty concerns. …

youtube ttevamkS6gwDarkMatter2525: The Greater Insult

Why Scientists Should Be Atheists


(FTB) – Mano Singham:

Scientists frequently have to make decisions of whether any entity exists or not and have arrived at decision rules for doing so. In doing so, the default position is non-existence until such time as those arguing in favor of existence can produce a preponderance of affirmative evidence to support their assertion. …

If we think „god“ is an entity and not just an idea, then scientists should apply the same standard for its existence claim that we do for every other existence claim, because that kind of search of consistency is a key aspect of scientific practice. Is there a preponderance of affirmative evidence for the existence of any god? Is it a necessary explanatory concept for anything? The answer is no to both. Ergo, scientists can and should conclude that gods do not exist, just like we have concluded that the aether and phlogiston do not exist. To shy away from that conclusion would be, as Haldane said, intellectually dishonest. …

singham why-scientistsScience needs no gods

A Lack of Belief


(Patheos::ATP) – Jonathan MS Pearce:

In most cases, atheists are actively claiming that God does not exist. It is my opinion that we are doing this consistently when we sit on the Internet and argue the toss over whether God exists or not, concluding that God does not exist. This belief, for atheists, and in my opinion, is a positive or strong belief in a proposition concerning God’s existence.

Many atheists hold to weak/negative atheism, a claim that can be summed up in the phrase “a lack of belief in God or gods”. Personally, I think that this is a very common tactic for atheists to use because they are very wary about using the term “belief” in any kind of conversation about atheism and religion because they think that this then allows theists to claim that atheists have a belief akin to a religious belief. That atheism is, therefore, some kind of religion. This, to me, is complete twaddle and theists who do this should be shown short shrift. …

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Robert Ingersoll


(HuffPost) – Kimberly Winston:

Meet Robert Ingersoll, the most famous American atheist you’ve probably never heard of.

A self-educated attorney and atheist, Ingersoll was a Victorian-era rock star who could pack theaters from Texas to New York with people who came from hundreds of miles around to hear “The Great Agnostic” lecture against religion.

He was courted by politicians, his likeness was carved in stone, and when he died in 1899, newspapers around the country carried his obituary. A Civil War veteran, he was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Today, Ingersoll is largely unknown outside atheist circles. But he’s enjoying a bit of a revival, with a critically-acclaimed biography, a walking tour of Ingersoll sites, a growing number of visitors to his birthplace and an oratory contest in his name. …

huffpost 3353868Susan Jacoby: The Great Agnostic: Robert Ingersoll and American Freethought

It’s All About Honesty


(Patheos::Daylight Atheism) – James A. Haught:

Although churches claim that religion makes believers loving and brotherly, the historic record includes opposite results.

Nobody actually knows where beliefs come from. Psychologists can’t explain what makes some people religious skeptics and others believers — or why some become conformists and others become rebels — or political conservatives and liberals — or war “hawks” and peace “doves” — or puritans and playboys — or death penalty advocates and opponents — etc., etc.

Therefore, I don’t know what caused me to be a doubter while my classmates were believers, some even becoming preachers. …

To me, the bottom line is honesty. A person with integrity doesn’t claim to know supernatural things that he or she cannot know. An honest person wants solid evidence to support assertions, and is leery of baseless claims. Therefore, skeptics are most honest of all. …

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Faith vs. Reason

Sympathy for the Devil


(Guardian Film) – Cath Clarke:

The Satanic Temple is more concerned with helping out than worshipping Beelzebub in this light-hearted documentary. …

theguardian 2019/aug/21 hail-satan

Hail Satan?, 2019 film

The Coming Secular Era


(Patheos::Daylight Atheism) – Adam Lee:

The apologists seem confused, and well they might be. There’s no single cause driving this, but a variety of factors: better education, superior secular alternatives to services that churches used to provide, anger at religious acceptance of bigotry and immorality. In short, the world is moving beyond religion, and that’s a change for atheists to celebrate. …

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Interior of Selexyz Dominicanen bookstore in Maastricht

Not Even Christians Take Their Religion Seriously


(Cross Examined) – Bob Seidensticker:

Christianity makes bold claims: that prayers are answered. That God protects his own. That Jesus heals disease. It’s one thing to blithely support these claims, as some Christians feel obliged to do, but it gets messy when those claims crash into real-world facts. …

crossexamined part-7

Jesus Struck by Lightning

There Are No Atheists


(Debunking Christianity) – Franz Kiekeben:

Instead of answering atheists’ arguments, some believers just deny that there is such a thing as atheism. On their view, everyone knows that there is a God, and so-called atheists simply block out that fact because they don’t want there to be someone who makes moral demands on them. (As everyone knows, we atheists just want to be able to do whatever we feel like, morality be damned — which explains why we are always robbing banks and torturing puppies.) But what reasons are there for thinking this is the case? Several have been suggested. …

debunking no-atheists


Review: Hail Satan?


(FTB) – Mano Singham:

I recently watched this documentary on The Satanic Temple that I previewed earlier. It is an enjoyable film, informative and quite funny in parts, that looks at the origins of the group, what their aims are, and how they set about trying to achieve their goals. It seemed to have started out as a lark to troll religious conservatives, with stunts such as members dressed in what people think is appropriate Satanic dress holding a press conference on the steps of the Florida state capitol building to endorse right wing Florida governor Rick Scott, who clearly did not want their endorsement.

But as these actions gained publicity, their membership grew rapidly from just a handful of people to tens of thousands with branches forming all over the globe. …

singham review-hail-satan

Hail Satan?, 2019 film