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Peace in America


(Indian Country Media Network) – Gyasi Ross:

The story of the Great Laws is the story of the Great Peacemaker, who travels among the people and “combs their hair.” In other words, he speaks to them and works on untangling old traumas that stand in the way of peace. …

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It’s Worse Than You Think


(FTB stderr) – Marcus Ranum:

I’m usually surprised by the coverage regarding NSA/CIA/FBI spying: there’s some stuff we definitely should be scared of, and there’s other stuff that I file under “so, what?”

For example, the fact that the US government has consistently ignored its own laws regarding wiretapping: nobody who has observed any government in action should be surprised by that.

For example, Herbert Yardley published “The American Black Chamber” in 1931, documenting a slightly fictionalized version of his exploits monitoring communications during WWI, before, and after. …

stderr 2017/03/11 worse-than-you-think

Herbert Yardley: The American Black Chamber

Religious Discrimination


(Atlantic Politics) – Emma Green:

Pollsters at the Public Religion Research Institute have asked Americans about their impressions of discrimination in the United States. Two religious groups were included on the list of those who might face bias: Christians and Muslims. Depending on who was answering, the responses were wildly different. …

theatlantic 2017/03 519135

Vigil for victims of Pulse nightclub shooting

Conspiracy Size


(FTB stderr) – Marcus Ranum:

I suspect that there is an optimal and a peak conspiracy size, beyond which it becomes nearly impossible to keep a secret.

That’s one of the reasons why I tend to disbelieve conspiracy theories that involve a lot of moving parts. I completely suck at math but if I recall how this is calculated, you take the probability that any individual will leak, and then the probability your secret remains secret is the combined probability that all the individuals don’t leak. The way I think of it (because I suck at math) is that you make a saving throw on your Leak Table every year and sooner or later you’re going to come up ’01’. …

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WikiLeaks CIA Revelations


(FTB) – Mano Singham:

WikiLeaks has issued a blockbuster press release along with a tranche of documents that were leaked to it that describe the CIA’s efforts to infiltrate people’s communications systems. The documents reveal that the CIA targeted smartphones and computers and turned so-called Smart TVs into eavesdropping devices. The documents allege that the CIA then lost control of this spying arsenal which means that others may now possess these same capabilities, which would constitute a massive breach in its security systems. …

singham 2017/03/07 vault-7

WikiLeaks over CIA Information Operations Center logos



(Atlantic Tech) – Kaveh Waddell:

Intellipedia has been around for more than a decade. It’s made up of three different wikis, at different classification levels: one wiki for sensitive but unclassified information, another for secret information, and a third for top secret information. Each wiki can only be accessed by employees in the U.S. intelligence community’s 17 agencies who have the appropriate clearance level.

Built on the same software platform as Wikipedia, Intellipedia’s articles are often cribbed directly from the free encyclopedia, but with sensitive classified information added by analysts. …

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Americans Killed Annually Statistics


(Twitter) – Kim Kardashian West:

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Kim Kardashian West: Statistics: Number of Americans killed annually by ...

Virtual Surveillance


(The Intercept) – Joshua Kopstein:

Virtual Reality allows the most detailed, intimate digital surveillance yet. …

theintercept 2016/12/23 virtual surveillance

 Mark Zuckerberg with VR audience

Racism and Civility


(Atlantic Politics) – Vann R. Newkirk II:

Confronting racism can be important, even when it’s not persuasive. …

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Surveillance Self-Defense


(The Intercept) – Micah Lee:

Americans have handed the U.S. presidency to a racist, xenophobic, authoritarian, climate-science-denying, misogynistic, revenge-obsessed ego-maniac — and with it control over a vast and all-too-unaccountable intelligence apparatus; and in a speech less than three weeks ago, Trump promised to sue all of the women who have come forward with sexual assault accusations against him. …

Thanks to 16 years of relentless and illegal expansion of executive power under Presidents Bush and Obama, Trump is about to have more tools of surveillance at his disposal than any tyrant ever has. Those preparing for the long fight ahead must protect themselves, even if doing so can be technically complicated.

The best approach varies from situation to situation, but here are some first steps that activists and other concerned citizens should take. …

theintercept 2016/11/12 surveillance

Encrypted Signal voice call in Android