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Human Courage and Solidarity


(FTB) – Mano Singham:

Many of you would have heard or read about the incredible rescue of people who had been caught in a rip tide off the coast of Florida. Two young boys, Noah and Stephen Ursrey were initially caught up by the tide and when other people became aware of their distress and tried to help them, they too got caught in the strong tide so that in the end 10 people were in danger of drowning. There was no lifeguard on duty.

What happened then was inspiring. Dozens of other people formed a human chain and a couple of strong swimmers got to each drowning person and passed them back to safety along the chain. …

singham 2017/07/13 no-miracle


Driving the Faithful Away


(Guardian Comments) – Catherine Pepinster:

Sexual assault charges against the pope’s adviser, Cardinal George Pell prolong a familiar, appalling story. No wonder people are turning their backs on the church. …

theguardian 2017/jun/29 sexual-abuse

Church vs. Law

Brexodus Has Begun


(Guardian Comments) – Joris Luyendijk:

Who would sacrifice EU citizenship for life in a country we now know could turn on us at any moment? It makes sense to get ahead of the returning herd. …

theguardian 2017/jun/29 brexodus

Euro Tunnel

Privacy Tools


(Julia Angwin) – In the course of writing my book, Dragnet Nation, I tried various strategies to protect my privacy. In this series of book excerpts and adaptations, I distill the lessons from my privacy experiments into tips for readers. …

juliaangwin privacy-tools

Julia Angwin: Dragnet Nation

Robert Mueller’s Team


(Guardian) – Julian Borger:

Seasoned lawyers with a depth of experience that includes the investigations into Watergate, Enron and the bombings of the US embassies in east Africa won’t be intimidated by the intense spotlight, experts say. …

theguardian 2017/jun/15 russia-investigation

Robert Mueller

Multicultural Star Trek


(New Yorker::Elements) – Manu Saadia:

For Alt-Right Trolls, “Star Trek: Discovery” Is an Unsafe Space. …

newyorker an-unsafe-space

Star Trek: Discovery

Terrorism Roots in Wahhabism


(Independent) – Patrick Cockburn:

The attack on Manchester Arena – and those on the Bataclan and the Pulse nightclub before it – can trace their roots to the Wahhabism of Saudi Arabia. The UK and US governments just won’t admit it. …

independent 7754301

The Battle of Ager Sanguinis, 1337 miniature

TLA Computer Security


(FTB stderr) – Marcus Ranum:

There are many agencies that have some degree of charter for computer security – but “defense” has been a bit of a hot potato. Meanwhile, the NSA (and now we know CIA, and probably every other Three Letter Agency) used to go to security conferences like DEFCON and advertise that they were hiring hackers. Of course they were.

If you know anything about how the US empire operates, you’d predict right away that the effort in computer security has been pretty much all offense and no defense – like our Department of “Defense” and you’d be pretty much right. …

stderr 2017/05/18 sounds-about-right

Marcus J. Ranum: The Myth of Homeland Security

Better Call Bob!


(The Intercept) – Trevor Aaronson:

When Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III as special counsel to investigate possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, he called on Washington’s consummate clean-up man. …

theintercept 2017/05/18 better-call-bob

Robert S. Mueller iii

Trolling GCHQ


(indy100) – Harriet Marsden:

While the effects were felt all over the world in almost 100 countries, the NHS was the most terrifyingly significant target for us in Britain – literally, the lifeline of the UK.

Malicious ransomware called ‘WannaCry‘ infected thousands of computers, holding patients’ medical records captive via encryption and demanding a BitCoin payment for their release.

In other equally important news, it was also National Limerick Day. …

indy100 7733896

Twitter trolling GCHQ