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If the Universe is expanding, why aren’t we?


(Starts With A Bang!) – Ethan Siegel:

Space is getting bigger, but atoms, humans, Earth and our Milky Way stay the same size. How is this possible? …

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Is there a Center of the Universe?


(Starts With A Bang!) – Ethan Siegel:

Perhaps the Universe has a finite shape and a finite size, but if it does, that information is inaccessible to us. The portion of the Universe observable to us is finite, and that information isn’t contained within it.

What we’re sure of is that it’s expanding, it’s getting less dense, and the farther away we look, the farther back in time we’re able to see. …

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Two Micron All-Sky Survey (2MASS)

Fictional Multiverses Are Lame


(Nautilus Cosmos) – Shannon Stirone:

The multiverse movie that scientists usually rate the highest is Sliding Doors, wherein the simple act of Gwyneth Paltrow’s character missing her train creates a new branch of reality. We see the world play out as if she had or hadn’t missed her train. “That’s a pretty faithful story in terms of there is a crucial event that happened and things go two different ways,” physicist Sean Carroll says. “They don’t really interfere with each other in any way, but you follow the two parallel tracks.” … fictional-multiverses

Sliding Doors, 1998 film

Scientific Myths About the Universe


(Starts With A Bang!) – Ethan Siegel:

How a little knowledge can bring about some huge misconceptions… and how to fix it …

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Universes arise

Is Physical Law an Alien Intelligence?


(Nautilus::Fakes) – Caleb Scharf:

Alien life could be so advanced it becomes indistinguishable from physics. … alien-intelligence

Universes arise

Could the Universe Be Infinite?


(Starts With A Bang!) – Ethan Siegel:

Perhaps the limits of what we can observe aren’t just artificial; perhaps there are no limits to what’s out there at all. …

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Universes arise

Why Hubble Will Never See the First Stars


(Starts With A Bang!) – Ethan Siegel:

Even if it looked for an infinite amount of time, they’d always be invisible. …

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Cosmic Reionization Era

How Much More Can We Learn About the Universe?


(Nautilus::Learning) – Lawrence M. Krauss:

These are the few limits on our ability to know … about-the-universe

Universes arise

Is Everything in the Universe the Same Age?


(Starts With A Bang!) – Ethan Siegel:

Or can moving at relativistic speeds through a general relativistic Universe change everything? …

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Cosmic epochs

How Small Can A Piece Of The Universe Be And Still Expand?


(Starts With A Bang!) – Ethan Siegel:

Galaxy-sized? Human-sized? Atom-sized? Even smaller? How tiny can a bit of space be and still expand? …

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Virgo Supercluster