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Evidence for Jesus is Weaker than You Might Think


( – Valerie Tarico:

Before the European Enlightenment, virtually all New Testament experts assumed that handed-down stories about Jesus were first recorded by eye witnesses and were largely biographical. That is no longer the case.

Assuming that the Jesus stories had their beginnings in one single person rather than a composite of several — or even in mythology itself — he probably was a wandering Jewish teacher in Roman-occupied Judea who offended the authorities and was executed. Beyond that, any knowledge about the figure at the center of the Christian religion is remarkably open to debate (and vigorously debated among relevant scholars). …

valerietarico 2017/04/13 evidence

Easter Facts, Quotes and a Quiz For You!


(ExChristian) – Daniel B. Curran Jr.:

The Bible is the infallible, divinely-inspired word of God, right? The entire Christian religion is based on the resurrection of the Christ – so we know that part of the Good Book will be very accurate! The very crux of the argument for Christianity being the one true religion is that it is the only religion in which the Saviour actually rose from the dead to fulfill prophecy – so let’s have a little fun. …

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What if Jesus Never Existed?


( – Valerie Tarico:

Outsiders can debate all they want, but Christians need to believe that Jesus was real, and defenders of the faith line up a series of proofs that they claim settle the question. Now David Fitzgerald has produced a three-volume set, Jesus: Mything in Action, in which he tackles those proofs one by one and then lays out how Christianity could have emerged even in the absence of a historical Jesus. …

valerietarico 2017/04/12 what-if

David Fitzgerald: Jesus: Mything in Action

History, Probability, and Miracles


(Κέλσος) – Matthew W. Ferguson:

As I discuss in my article “When Do Contemporary or Early Sources Matter in Ancient History,” all of our knowledge of the historical Jesus (including the reports of his resurrection) comes down through ancient texts. There is absolutely no archeological evidence at all for Jesus. None of the evidence for Jesus’ resurrection can be tested by the methods of forensic science (though, a similar event could still hypothetically be recorded by forensic science today, despite there being no evidence of such a thing). Furthermore, we have no eyewitness sources for Jesus of any kind (discussed here) and all of the textual sources that discuss his resurrection are not historical in their genre (discussed here). Instead, all we have for investigating Jesus’ resurrection is religious scripture (particularly biased Christian scriptures), which is far from our most reliable kind of evidence. Likewise, as is shown with the example of Tacitus’ phoenix above, historians cannot take paranormal reports in such ancient texts at face value, without consideration of broader scientific background knowledge.

Instead, a method is needed that can situate these claims within our broader background knowledge of the world, in order to determine the likelihood of whether such events could have really taken place within it.  …

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How to Use the Bible against Abortion Protestors


( – Valerie Tarico:

It’s time to confront conception obsessed Bible-believers on their own terms, with language they understand. …

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Gutenberg Bible

Prayer Versus Reality


( – Valerie Tarico:

Does prayer – like it’s taught in biblical Christianity – actually work? That depends on what you’re looking for. …

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Duerer Prayer

The Homeric Epics and the Gospel of Mark


(Secular Web) – Richard Carrier:

MacDonald‘s thesis in this book is that the Gospel of Mark is a deliberate and conscious anti-epic, an inversion of the Greek “Bible” of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, which in a sense “updates” and Judaizes the outdated heroic values presented by Homer, in the figure of a new hero, Jesus. …

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Dennis R MacDonald: The Homeric Epics and the Gospel of Mark



(Jesus and Mo) – Jesus:

I‘m just rereading this foot-washing episode. It’s quite moving.” …

jesusandmo 2016/07/27

Jesus and Mo 2016-07-27: Pride

The Unbelievable Tale of Jesus’s Wife


(Atlantic) – Ariel Sabar:

A hotly contested, supposedly ancient manuscript suggests Christ was married. But believing its origin story – a real-life Da Vinci Code, involving a Harvard professor, a onetime Florida pornographer, and an escape from East Germany – requires a big leap of faith. …

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Jesus and wife

Bible Game


Let’s play a game.

You open a bible at a random passage and do exactly as it says.

The last one to get in jail wins!

Bible and gun