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Introduction to Meslier


(FTB stderr) – Marcus Ranum:

It must have been very painful for Meslier to have this stuff in his head and be part of the machinery of religious exploitation.

“Thus man was, and always remained, a child without experience, a slave without courage, a loggerhead who feared to reason, and who could never escape from the labyrinth into which his ancestors had misled him; he felt compelled to groan under the yoke of his Gods, of whom he knew nothing except the fabulous accounts of their ministers.”

That was written by a minister. He must have been racked with pain and shame and embarrassment, and chose to keep it secret his whole life. …

stderr meslier-introduction

Jean Meslier

Enough Faith


(Atheist Pig) – “I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist.” …

theatheistpig enough-faith

The Atheist Pig: Enough Faith

Religious Discrimination


(Atlantic Politics) – Emma Green:

Pollsters at the Public Religion Research Institute have asked Americans about their impressions of discrimination in the United States. Two religious groups were included on the list of those who might face bias: Christians and Muslims. Depending on who was answering, the responses were wildly different. …

theatlantic 2017/03 519135

Vigil for victims of Pulse nightclub shooting

Deadly Blessing


(Atheist Pig) – “Aaachoo!” …

theatheistpig deadly-blessing

The Atheist Pig: Deadly Blessing

Proof of God


(FTB::Reprobate) – HJ Hornbeck:

I thought there was a hole in the atheist literature; while a decent number of books on apologetics existed, they struck me as shallow. No one seemed interested in gathering a comprehensive list of counter-proofs, and everyone assumed that Christianity was the only religion out there.

I think I was also trying to better understand religion. I thought society had long since shed those false beliefs and moved on.

It was only when I spent time with a true believer outside my bubble that I realised I’d been in one. Naturally that led to a desire to catch up on what I’d missed, and that led to the study of why people believed in their religion. And once my head had filled with arguments and counter-arguments, it made sense to start typing them out to clarify things. …

reprobate proof-of-god-context

xkcd 1505: Ontological Argument

HJ Hornbeck: Proof of God: Table of Contents

Freedom of Religion


(Jesus and Mo) – Jesus:

“Remember when we used to be able to tell people how to behave?” …

jesusandmo force

Jesus and Mo 2017-02-15: Force

The Fear of Muslims


(The Intercept) – Jon Schwarz:

It’s quite possible ISIS and the Trump administration can successfully collaborate on getting what they both want: a totally unnecessary, civilizational war. To stop them we have to end our truckling equivocation about terrorism, and start telling the truth while there’s still time. …

theintercept 2017/02/18 why

Beit Hanun in the Gaza Strip



(Jesus and Mo) – Jesus:

“So I mentioned the argument from miracles as proof of God’s existence – all those miraculous healings done in his name.

But she wasn’t impressed.” …

jesusandmo limb

Jesus and Mo 2017-02-07: Limb

How to Use the Bible against Abortion Protestors


( – Valerie Tarico:

It’s time to confront conception obsessed Bible-believers on their own terms, with language they understand. …

valerietarico abortion-protestors

Gutenberg Bible

Can Science Prove the Existence of God?


(Starts With A Bang!) – Ethan Siegel:

And, whether you believe or not, can you approach the question without a preconceived answer coloring your analysis?

The truths of the Universe are written out there, on the Universe itself, and are accessible to us all through the process of inquiry. To allow an uncertain faith to stand in as an answer where scientific knowledge is required does us all a disservice; the illusion of knowledge — or reaching a conclusion before obtaining the evidence — is a poor substitute for what we might actually come to learn, if only we ask the right questions. If we use our beliefs as an excuse to draw conclusions that scientifically, we’re not ready for, we run the grave risk of depriving ourselves of what we might have come to truly learn.

I implore you: don’t let your faith, whatever it may be, close you off to the joys and wonders of the natural world. The joys of knowing — of figuring out the answers to questions for ourselves — is one that none of us should be cheated out of. May your faith, if you have one, only serve to enhance and enrich you, not take the wonder of science away! …

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Michelangelo: Creation of man