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Russell’s Teapot


(xkcd) – Randall Munroe:

I‘m crowdfunding a project to launch a teapot into orbit around the Sun to settle the Russell thing once and for all.” …

xkcd 1866

Randall Munroe: xkcd 1866: Russell's Teapot

Criticism of Islam


(FreeThinker) – Maryam Namazie:

East London Mosque has filed a formal complaint regarding the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain’s presence in Pride in London and stated that our placards, including ‘East London mosque incites murder of LGBT’ were ‘inciting hatred against Muslims’  and that the mosque had a ‘track record for challenging homophobia in East London’.

In fact, though, the very reason CEMB was at Pride was to combat hate and to highlight the 13 states under Islamic rule that kill gay men (14 if we include Daesh-held territories). We included placards on the East London mosque to bring attention to the fact that there are mosques here in Britain that promote the death penalty for homosexuality and apostasy. …

freethinker 2017/07/15 muslim-bigotry

Maryam Namazie at London Pride

Ancient and Modern Miracles


(FTB stderr) – Marcus Ranum:

Jean Meslier:

If our Christ-worshipers assert that their saints had the power of raising the dead, and that they had Divine revelations, the Pagans had said before them that Athalide, son of Mercury, had obtained from his father the gift of living, dying, and coming to life whenever he wished, and that he had also the knowledge of all that transpired in this world as well as in the other; and that Esculapius, son of Apollo, had raised the dead, and, among others, he brought to life Hyppolites, son of Theseus, by Diana’s request; and that Hercules, also, raised from the dead Alceste, wife of Admetus, King of Thessalia, to return her to her husband. …

If our Christ-worshipers pretend that Jesus Christ was seen by His apostles ascending to Heaven, and that several of their pretended saints were transported to Heaven by angels, the Roman Pagans had said before them, that Romulus, their founder, was seen after his death; that Ganymede, son of Troas, king of Troy, was transported to Heaven by Jupiter to serve him as cup-bearer that the hair of Berenice, being consecrated to the temple of Venus, was afterward carried to Heaven; they say the same thing of Cassiope and Andromedes, and even of the ass of Silenus. …

It does seem that the gods and demigods have a limited bag of tricks. Limited, perhaps, by the human imagination. …

stderr 2017/07/17 miracles

Photoshop helps miracles

Human Courage and Solidarity


(FTB) – Mano Singham:

Many of you would have heard or read about the incredible rescue of people who had been caught in a rip tide off the coast of Florida. Two young boys, Noah and Stephen Ursrey were initially caught up by the tide and when other people became aware of their distress and tried to help them, they too got caught in the strong tide so that in the end 10 people were in danger of drowning. There was no lifeguard on duty.

What happened then was inspiring. Dozens of other people formed a human chain and a couple of strong swimmers got to each drowning person and passed them back to safety along the chain. …

singham 2017/07/13 no-miracle


The Too-Small God


(Patheos::Excommunications) – Dave Cortesi:

Had I been born in another time and place, there are gods I could have believed in. In ancient Greece, I’m sure I would have been a devotee of the great Athena, and gone often to the beautiful temple on the Acropolis to worship.

Had I been born in India before 1800, I probably would have prayed often to Ganesha, the elephant-headed god of wit and wisdom. Born to a Native American tribe before the coming of the whites, I’d have felt close affiliation with Coyote, the trickster and storyteller.

But as it happened, I had the great good fortune to be born in a Western culture after the Enlightenment, and that placed a lower limit on the size of my God. …

patheos 2017/05 too-small-god

Galaxies in Hubble Extreme Deep Field

Driving the Faithful Away


(Guardian Comments) – Catherine Pepinster:

Sexual assault charges against the pope’s adviser, Cardinal George Pell prolong a familiar, appalling story. No wonder people are turning their backs on the church. …

theguardian 2017/jun/29 sexual-abuse

Church vs. Law



(Jesus and Mo) – Mo:

“I think it’s fair to describe the Gospel of Matthew as “fan fiction”.” …

jesusandmo rise2

Jesus and Mo 2017-06-07: Gospel of Matthew Fan Fiction

Out Patient


(Atheist Pig) – “Hey, I heard you’re having surgery tomorrow.” …

theatheistpig out-patient

The Atheist Pig: Out-Patient

Mosques Refuse to Bury Muslim Terrorists


(The Atlantic) – Yasmeen Serhan:

The Manchester Central Mosque has declined to be involved in Salman Abedi’s funeral. The decision is hardly unprecedented. …

theatlantic 528648

Manchester Victoria Park Mosque

Terrorism Roots in Wahhabism


(Independent) – Patrick Cockburn:

The attack on Manchester Arena – and those on the Bataclan and the Pulse nightclub before it – can trace their roots to the Wahhabism of Saudi Arabia. The UK and US governments just won’t admit it. …

independent 7754301

The Battle of Ager Sanguinis, 1337 miniature