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Lumiere Festival Lights Up Durham


(Guardian Art) – Christopher Thomond:

The fifth biennial edition of Lumiere, the UK’s largest lights festival, this year features 28 installations across Durham city centre. …

theguardian 2017/nov/16 lumiere

Lumiere festival


Magnificent Chaos at Jupiter’s Poles


(Syfy Wire::Bad Astronomy) – Phil Plait:

On October 24, 2017, the Juno spacecraft swung low over Jupiter’s poles for the ninth time. Accelerating by the giant planet’s powerful gravity to the nearly unbelievable velocity of 60 kilometers per second — fast enough to cross the continental United States in a minute and a half — it screamed over the cloud tops, taking scientific data to send back to Earth.

It also took a series of images using the JunoCam, a camera designed not for science but for public outreach. These shots of the solar system’s largest planet are meant primarily to excite the public about astronomy and planetary science, with the science itself being secondary. …

syfywire jupiters-poles

Jupiter's northern latitudes

The Star That Refused to Die


(Atlantic Science) – Marina Koren:

Astronomers have discovered a zombie supernova that defies every known theory of star death. …

theatlantic 2017/11 zombie-star

Supernova remnant

Hawaii 1, Trump 0


(Patheos::Dispatches) – Ed Brayton:

On his way to Asia for a long trip, Donald Trump stopped in Hawaii and got trolled in the most hilarious way. Referencing his long support for birtherism, protesters showed up at the airport with signs saying “Welcome to Kenya.”

dispatches 2017/11/05 hawaii-1-trump-0

POTUS, Welcome to Kenya

5 NASA Photos that Changed the World


(Starts With A Bang!) – Ethan Siegel:

From the most beautiful to the most impactful, some of these are so powerful it’s breathtaking. …

starts-with-a-bang 28d0924463ad

Apollo 8 Earthrise

One Last Look at Saturn


(Syfy Wire::Bad Astronomy) – Phil Plait:

Ian Regan reprocessed the final images Cassini took of Saturn

syfy last-look-at-saturn

Ian Regan: Cassini's last dance

Top 6 Discoveries of Cassini


(Starts With A Bang!) – Ethan Siegel:

On Friday, September 15th, Cassini plunged into Saturn’s atmosphere. Here are the top 6 things we learned from it while it was alive. …

starts-with-a-bang f921d37249c9

Earth (and Moon) from Saturn

Last Days of Cassini


(Discover Blogs::Out There) – Corey S. Powell:

As Cassini’s program manager and a veteran of the mission since 1993, Earl H. Maize of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory has a unique perspective on the last days of this remarkable spacecraft. There is no other comparable mission on the drawing boards; given current political realities, there may not be another like it in our lifetimes. And yet, Cassini is a beginning as well as an end. Maize notes that omnibus missions like Cassini allow more targeted follow-ups, like the upcoming Europa Clipper and (here’s hoping) future visits to the moons Enceladus and Titan.

I spoke with Maize just ahead of Cassini’s heroic final plunge. He offered an insider’s view of how it all ended. …

outthere 2017/09/16 last-days-of-cassini

Enceladus setting behind Saturn 2017-09-13

Cassini Must Die


(FTB Pharyngula) – PZ Myers:

The Cassini probe is being ordered to destroy itself by crashing into Saturn. It seems harsh. You’ve sent a tourist to an exotic location to go crazy taking vacation snaps, and then instead of a return trip, you reward them with a request to send more pictures of their suicide. I guess it is a spectacular way to go. …

pharyngula 2017/09/14 cassini-must-die

Cassini spacecraft at Saturn

Titanic Occultation


(Syfy Wire::Bad Astronomy) – Phil Plait:

Titan tries to hide behind Saturn’s rings in this image from 2012. Note the visible bluish haze layer in Titan’s upper atmosphere. …

syfy titanic-occultation

Titan behind Saturn_s rings