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Trump Protects Americans


(Tom the Dancing Bug) – Ruben Bolling:

These are clearly no big deal. I’ll throw tens of millions of Americans off health insurance, no problem.” …

tomthedancingbug 2017/03/17

Ruben Bolling: Trump Protects Americans

Enough Faith


(Atheist Pig) – “I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist.” …

theatheistpig enough-faith

The Atheist Pig: Enough Faith

The (FAKE NEWS) Ides of March


(Good Tickle Brain) – Mya Gosling:

Tomorrow is the Ides of March! BEWARE!

…or, you know, don’t. …

goodticklebrain fake-news-ides-of-march

Mya Gosling: The FAKE NEWS Ides of March

Deadly Blessing


(Atheist Pig) – “Aaachoo!” …

theatheistpig deadly-blessing

The Atheist Pig: Deadly Blessing

Freedom of Religion


(Jesus and Mo) – Jesus:

“Remember when we used to be able to tell people how to behave?” …

jesusandmo force

Jesus and Mo 2017-02-15: Force

Putin’s Puppets Smart Enough?


(New Yorker::Borowitz Report) – Andy Borowitz:

Russian President Vladimir Putin is “starting to get concerned” that the puppets he installed in the executive branch of the U.S. government “might not be up to the task at hand,” sources confirmed. …

borowitz-report  puppets


Saturday Night Live goes full Trump


(FTB) – Mano Singham:

It looks like Saturday Night Live has decided to portray as many male members of the Trump administration as possible with women, knowing that this gets under Trump’s skin. In addition to Melissa McCarthy reprising her role as press secretary Sean Spicer, yesterday saw Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions. Can Rosie O’Donnell as Steve Bannon be far behind? …

singham 2017/02/12 feminization

Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer



(Jesus and Mo) – Jesus:

“So I mentioned the argument from miracles as proof of God’s existence – all those miraculous healings done in his name.

But she wasn’t impressed.” …

jesusandmo limb

Jesus and Mo 2017-02-07: Limb

No Shit, Sherlock


(Raging Pencils) – Mike Stanfill:

Billy, can you name the three branches of government?” …

ragingpencils 2-3-17

Mike Stanfill: Raging pencils 2017-02-03: No shit, Sherlock

Who Want’s to Be Second


Come to EU. It’s huge. It’s the greatest EU in the world! …