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I Am a Q-U-E-S-T-I-O-N-E-R


(Patheos::Godless in Dixie) – Guest Contributor:

I was committed to finding a dogma-free summer camp experience for my son. In looking for alternatives, I came across Camp Quest and, with my wife’s approval, signed him up.

As the date for camp approached, close relatives got wind of the name of the camp and looked it up. What they read as the mission statement on the website — “Camp Quest provides an educational adventure shaped by fun, friends, and freethought, featuring science, natural wonder and humanist values” – they translated as “atheist camp.” As the father who signed his son up for this “atheist camp,” I was now outed. …

godlessindixie 2018/05/02 questioner

Camp Quest


Natural Born Learners


(Guardian::long read) – Alex Beard:

If we could understand how the infant mind develops, it might help every child reach their full potential. But seeing them as learning machines is not the answer. …

theguardian 2018/apr/03 how-babies-learn

Alex Beard: Natural Born Learners

The Radical Imagination of Eve Ewing


(The Intercept) – Jeremy Scahill:

Dr. Eve Ewing is much more than just an artist. She’s a sociologist of education and a writer from Chicago. Her research has focused on racism, social inequality, urban policy, and the impact of these forces on American public schools and the lives of young people.

She has a new book out called, “Electric Arches,” which explores these issues by blending stark realism with the surreal and fantastic. It’s a beautiful collection of Eve’s poetry, essays, and visual art. …

theintercept 2018/03/25 eve-ewing

Eve Ewing: Electric Arches

Scaling the Solar System


(Syfy Wire::Bad Astronomy) – Phil Plait:

The solar system is vast.

It’s incredibly difficult to wrap your head around these scales. Worse, analogies tend to fall flat. Example: It would take nearly two centuries to drive to the Sun if there were a road to it (and your windows were shut really tightly). Does that visualize how far that really is?

But there is a helpful model: a scale model. Across the world there are quite a few models of the solar system, and they tend to be pretty big. I was reminded of this when I saw this video, where a filmmaker, Wylie Overstreet, created a scale model of the solar system in the Nevada desert. …

syfywire scaling-the-solar-system

Solar System

How Children Learn Science


(FTB) – Mano Singham:

Adults use locutions that they may not realize lead to children getting the wrong idea about things. This paper examined beliefs about aging among 3 to 5 years old children and found that because birthday parties are seen by children as discrete markers that correlate with the move from one age to the next, some children got the idea that birthday parties are what cause people to get older. …

singham 2017/12/19 how


How Google Took Over the Classroom


(NYTimes Tech) – Natasha Singer:

The tech giant is transforming public education with low-cost laptops and
free apps. But schools may be giving Google more than they are getting. …

nytimes 2017/05/13 google-education

Pupils with Chromebooks

Latin Abbreviations vs Plain English


(The Independent Education) – Andy Martin:

The civil service wants to anglicise and expand its communications. RIP common sense, then. …

independent 7155301


To Train Your Brain


(Guardian Education) – Mo Costandi:

Musical training can have a dramatic impact on your brain’s structure, enhancing your memory, spatial reasoning and language skills. …

theguardian 2016/oct/24 instrument

Musical brain stimulation

Pupils of Illegal School Almost Drowned


(Independent) – Siobhan Fenton:

A group of ultra-Orthodox Jewish students nearly drowned after being taken on a hiking expedition by unqualified teachers working at an illegal faith school that the Government has known about for five years but failed to shut down. …

independent 7116956

Maritime and Coastguard Agency: Rescue near Dover on 2016-06-06

Hackney’s Missing Children


(Independent) – Siobhan Fenton:

Thousands of children in London have been moved to unregistered ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools. The Department for Education knew evidence of these illegal faith schools was destroyed. …

independent 6965516

Jewish building