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News Business Sinks Ever Closer to Rock Bottom


(Atlantic Tech) – Alexis Madrigal:

A consortium of newspaper publishers are preparing to take the unusual step of begging the nation’s legislature for the right to collectively negotiate with Facebook and Google. …

theatlantic 2017/07 533079

The New York Times on a mobile phone


Faster In-Flight WiFi


(Atlantic Tech) – Alexis Madrigal:

Companies are vying to bring better Internet to the skies, but the path to success is almost unbelievably complicated. …

theatlantic 2017/06 flying-wi-fi

Inmarsat-5 satellite coverage

How Google Took Over the Classroom


(NYTimes Tech) – Natasha Singer:

The tech giant is transforming public education with low-cost laptops and
free apps. But schools may be giving Google more than they are getting. …

nytimes 2017/05/13 google-education

Pupils with Chromebooks

Why Flights Take Longer Now Than 50 Years Ago


(FTB) – Mano Singham:

The main reason is that for most people, the main concern is the cost of travel not the time taken. It is only a very few for whom cost is not a factor and where time becomes important. But there are reasons, based on aerodynamics and the design of engines, that make the cost per passenger mile of flying most economical at speeds of 500-550 mph (800-885 km/h). The main cost in flying is not the cost of the plane but the fuel used per trip and between speeds of Mach 0.8 and Mach 1.2 (where Mach 1 is the speed of sound) is what is known as the transonic range where air drag rises dramatically. So it makes sense to stick to speeds below Mach 0.8. …

singham flights-take-longer


Quinoa Is the New Big Mac


(New Yorker::Elements) – Amanda Little:

The restaurant chain Eatsa is quintessentially Northern Californian in concept: imagine a Chipotle crossed with a vending machine designed by Apple. …

newyorker the-new-big-mac

Eatsa Quinoa bowl

Quit Social Media. Your Career May Depend on It.


(NYTimes::Preoccupations) – Cal Newport:

I’m a millennial computer scientist who also writes books and runs a blog. Demographically speaking I should be a heavy social media user, but that is not the case. I’ve never had a social media account.

At the moment, this makes me an outlier, but I think many more people should follow my lead and quit these services. There are many issues with social media, from its corrosion of civic life to its cultural shallowness, but the argument I want to make here is more pragmatic: You should quit social media because it can hurt your career. …

nytimes 2016/11/20 quit-social-media

David Saracino: Social media blinders

What Went Wrong at Yahoo?


(Slate::Quora) – Quora Contributor:

Yahoo started as a manually constructed list of links to websites and aspired to be a media portal to the web. The culture that developed at Yahoo apparently shortchanged engineering in the grand scheme of things; media people were viewed more important. At Google, engineers were first-class citizens, so Google attracted top engineers and could be very selective in hiring. …

quora 2016/08/16 yahoo

Yahoo headquarters in 2014 in Sunnyvale

Trump’s Endless Business Failures


(RawStory) – Kurt Eichenwald:

Donald Trump, through his offensive tantrum, has been throwing away financial opportunities, yet another reminder that, for all his boasting of his acumen and flaunting of his wealth, the self-proclaimed billionaire has often been a lousy businessman. …

rawstory 2016/08 failures

Typical Donald Trump

U.S. Tech Companies to Lose More Than $35 Billion Due to NSA Spying


(The Daily Dot) – Patrick Howell O’Neill:

U.S. companies will likely lose more than $35 billion in foreign business as a result of the vast NSA-surveillance operations revealed by Edward Snowden, according to a new report from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF).

“Foreign customers are shunning U.S. companies,” the report asserts, causing American businesses to lose out on foreign contracts and pushing other countries to create protectionist policies that block American businesses out of foreign markets. …


NSA SIGDev bug

Beyond the Pill


(Forbes Tech) – Jason Bloomberg:

The Internet of Things (IoT) is getting personal. Wearables, ingestables, even implantables – devices that not only help us with our fitness, but can monitor and manage disease and its treatment – are right around the corner. And where the IoT goes, money follows. In this case, Big Pharma smells opportunity. …


Pharma app