Christian Anti-Intellectualism

Richard Carrier:

The Bible (Old Testament and New) contains nothing regarding the proper content or importance of the scientific method, formal logic, or sound critical thinking. It contains not a single passage on how to think well and reliably test claims and beliefs. About anything whatever, much less god or religion—or even morality. It doesn’t even exemplify sound dialectic, reliable research, or productive debate in any of its stories, not even those of the heroes it insists we emulate. It is an authoritarian document, front to back, that simply proclaims all its writers’ claims are true and not to be significantly questioned—writers who were demonstrably extremely primitive and ignorant in their actual understanding of people and the world (see my discussions of that this month in Justin Brierley and the Folly of Christianity and The False Trichotomy of Lord, Liar, or Lunatic).

This is the worst thing to revere, especially when we add the observation that its morality is completely barbaric and bankrupt as well (follow the links above). And that’s just accounting for what it lacks in respect to teaching people how to think well and test claims and beliefs. The Christian Bible does far worse than that: it teaches against sound reasoning. …

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