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Epicurean Ideas


(Aeon Ideas) – Temma Ehrenfeld:

I imagine Epicurus would see far more consumption than necessary in my own American life and too little self-discipline. Above all, he wanted us to take responsibility for our choices. Here he is in his Letter to Menoeceus:

For it is not drinking bouts and continuous partying and enjoying boys and women, or consuming fish and the other dainties of an extravagant table, which produce the pleasant life, but sober calculation which searches out the reasons for every choice and avoidance and drives out the opinions which are the source of the greatest turmoil for men’s souls.

Do you see the ‘pursuit of happiness’ as a tough research project and kick yourself when you’re glum? You’re Epicurean. We think of the Stoics as tougher, but they provided the comfort of faith. Accept your fate, they said. Epicurus said: It’s a mess. Be smarter than the rest of them. How modern can you get? …

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“Send Her Back”


(FTB stderr) – Marcus Ranum:

In case you didn’t know, rallies are scripted – even Trump’s. Just like Hillary Clinton’s, and everybody else’s. The politicians use the same tricks that other professional performers use; they have confederates in the audience, security standing by to shut people up if they ask the wrong questions (“oops the mic died”) etc.

This “send her back” chant was constructed as part of a messaging campaign that was deliberately planned – it’s not just that Trump relaxed his sphincter a bit and some racist diarrhea squirted out into our national tighty-whiteys. …

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