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The Doctrine of Estoppel


(FTB stderr) – Marcus Ranum:

A lawyer I was working for once described the doctrine of estoppel as “Seriously, now, who are you trying to kid?”

The Trump regime is currently in the process of floundering around in the “census question” case and has run itself into an estoppel situation. Wiser legal heads are shaking, because “this is going to be interesting.” Briefly, here’s what happened:

  • Trump regime says “we need a decision really fast on this census question thing”
  • Supreme court says “OK” and reviews it, then says “nope.”
  • Trump regime says “we are going to delay the census while we spend some time looking for a better reason to have this census question.”

The estoppel comes in because “review this case fast” does not sit with “we’ll get back to you in a couple months.” Basically, the Trump regime has just declared that it was lying the first time when it said it was in a hurry. It’s also saying, in effect, “our first line of reasoning wasn’t good enough, we’ll make up some other stuff.” Essentially, the Trump department of justice is acting like a 10-year-old. …

stderr estoppel


Malvolio’s Revolve


(Good Tickle Brain) – Mya Gosling:

The joy of Shakespeare is that even if you see the same play dozens of times, each production is its own, unique experience.

Having said that… there are certain bits of stage business that often crop up in numerous productions. One of my favorites is Malvolio’s revolve. …

goodticklebrain malvolios-revolve

Mya Lixian Gosling: Malvolio's Revolve