Is Koine Greek a Pidgin?

(Vridar) – Tim Widowfield:

First, I would never call Koinepidgin. It is a lingua franca. Koine Greek is simplified Attic Greek, where a great deal of case collapse, pronunciation collapse, smoothing, etc., has occurred, which makes it easier for foreign speakers to learn. (The process is often referred to as “dialect leveling.”)

The key point here is that Koine actually was a primary and a complete language, often used as a trade language.

The reason for the roughness of Mark’s gospel and for the dumpster fire of John’s Revelation is not an intrinsic problem with Koine Greek, but with the abilities of those writers for whom Greek may have been a second (or even a third) language. …

vridar koine pidgin

Papyrus 46 folio

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