Hermione Granger or the Apostle Paul?

(Debunking Christianity) – David Madison:

One of the reasons that J. K. Rowling’s creation has been so phenomenally popular is her artistry in depicting human emotions and behaviors. But also because people are drawn to fantasies about things that don’t happen in ‘real life.’ There could be some really cool results if they did.

Or as Hagrid put it: “Everyone’d be wantin’ magic solutions to their problems.”

The success of religion is based precisely on that.

Christianity’s primary currency is magical thinking. That is, it promotes belief in events and outcomes that defy our certain knowledge of how the world works. Everybody sees it right away in the J. K. Rowling world. She tapped into the rich heritage of human folklore to create her stories. Magical thinking is fun.

But in the context of religion, which claims to be in the serious business of helping believers survive and get by in the world, magical thinking flies beneath the radar, unrecognized, blocking critical thought. Faith is the much-touted mechanism for passing off magical thinking as a real thing for coping with the world. …

debunking hermione-granger-or-apostle-paul

Books by John Wathey and Richard Carrier


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