Buddhism Sucks, Too

(FTB stderr) – Marcus Ranum:

When we’re arguing against religion, I suppose it’s tempting to try to identify a religion that is not a violent pack of lies, so we can point to other religions (that are) and tell them, “be more like those guys.”

At best, what you’re pointing out is that a particular religion is not a violent pack of lies; it’s merely an innocuous pack of lies. That’s the cue for “apologists with faint praises” like Alain De Botton to come out of the woodwork and argue that religion may still have some uses and value and therefore ought not be rubbished entirely. Here’s a test for that argument: see if the left-over bits of religion they describe are anywhere near as healthy for an individual as taking a bicycle ride on a pretty day or going bowling with friends. If you wish to lift the benefits of religion from the dross, it doesn’t take very long and you need a relatively small shovel to do it. Also make sure you have some tweezers, because usually you’re going to have to pick the itty bitty good bits out from a chunky stew of homophobia, tacit endorsement of racism, political authoritarianism, and tacit endorsement for all sorts of very secular massacres and politics. …

stderr 2018/04/15 buddhism

Standing Buddha statue at the Tokyo National Museum


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