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Training Self-Driving Cars


(Atlantic Tech) – Alexis Madrigal:

In a corner of Alphabet’s campus, there is a team working on a piece of software that may be the key to self-driving cars. No journalist has ever seen it in action until now. They call it Carcraft, after the popular game World of Warcraft. …

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The Big Fool Says to Push On


(FTB) – Mano Singham:

With prolonged wars, like the one in Vietnam before and now Afghanistan, there comes a time when everyone except the general American public realizes that anything that could be considered as a victory is completely out of reach and that the war has reached a stalemate. At that point, the invading power, while still invoking the muscular language of achieving victory, actually has a more modest and secret goal, of how to withdraw from the conflict without being seen as having lost the war. This stage is characterized by bellicose language of victory mixed with laying the groundwork for explaining away the eventual defeat, using slogans such as ‘peace with honor’ and ‘forcing the enemy to the negotiating table’ and other euphemisms to mask the fact that face saving has now become the primary goal. …

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Ted Rall: Donald Trump Sends More Troops to Afghanistan