Military Glory: The Constipation of O’Brien

(FTB stderr) – Marcus Ranum:

I’m not a fannish type, but I wrote a fan-letter once – to George MacDonald Fraser, Author, the isle of Man, UK. And I got back a charmingly gracious reply, too. I have read nearly everything Mark Twain wrote, and a measurable percentage of Voltaire but Fraser is the only one of my favorite authors I can claim to have completely read.

Like a lot of teenage boys in the 60s and 70s I stumbled upon Fraser thanks to the lurid parody cover of Flashman. It’s not his greatest work; I’d say Quartered Safe Out Here is, in its genre, and the McAuslan books are, in theirs. Fraser’s writing is so good it seems effortless. But, then, it would. The McAuslan books I love so much that I would type them in for you word by word, except that would be a waste of time when you can find printed paper copies much more easily. It was the first book I put on my recommended reading list so if you want to take advantage of my “satisfaction guarantee” – have at it. …

stderr 2017/08/03 military-glory

George MacDonald Fraser: The Complete McAuslan


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