(FTB) – Mano Singham:

I was a little apprehensive because when one sees films long after their original release date, especially films that relate to topical matters, one can be disappointed because the film seems dated in its look and the material irrelevant. So I was pleasantly surprised, stunned even, to find it to be thoroughly modern and utterly gripping from beginning to end. It portrays so realistically how governments use the police, security services, and organizations of thugs to disrupt peace and social justice advocates. This is a phenomenon that transcends time and nations and is something that the US has long experienced. As the film’s famous ‘anti-disclaimer’ states at the beginning, “Any resemblance with real events, or people dead or living is not accidental. It is deliberate.” …

singham 2017/07/24 Z

Z, 1969 film



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