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Strong and Stable


(indy100) – Bridie Pearson-Jones:

Theresa May has called an election for June 8.

She wants to be elected as Prime Minster, and she wants you to think she’s strong and stable.

She’s said this a few times, in fact, it’s pretty much all she’s said in the campaign.
However, it appears someone disagrees that she’s going to be a ‘strong and stable’ leader. …

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Strong and stable


Planet Nine, so far


(Starts With A Bang!) – Ethan Siegel:

Could there be a massive, giant planet beyond Neptune? Here’s what the science says… for now. …

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Planet Nine orbits

Trump’s Budget Is an Aristocratic Con


(The Atlantic) – Derek Thompson:

The president’s aristocratic tax-and-spend plan isn’t just a reversal of his campaign promises. It’s also a deeply unpopular blueprint for the country. …

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