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A Double Dose of Lawlessness


(Atlantic Politics) – Garrett Epps:

The picture of the early days of the Trump administration is of a tiny, toxic cabal, fundamentally dismissive of constitutional or legal constraint. Congressional security statutes, the established procedures of the executive branch, the legal responsibilities of cabinet secretaries, the legal duties of military and intelligence officials, were cobwebs to be brushed aside.

It’s not that, to the White House, law didn’t matter.

It’s that it didn’t exist.

The same is true with the Flynn matter. …

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Sally Yates


Lunch Order


(xkcd) – Randall Munroe:

Everyone complains about autocorrect, but we forget about the time it prevented a nuclear war. …

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Randall Munroe: xkcd 1834: lunch order



(FTB) – Mano Singham:

On Friday I saw the new film Risk produced and directed by award-winning documentarian Laura Poitras, who won the Academy Award for Citizenfour, the film about Edward Snowden and his leaks. The focus this time is Julian Assange and WikiLeaks and unlike the earlier one, the narrative structure of this film is, to say the least, a bit confused. But that is not due to the lack of skill of Poitras but due to the fact that after she started filming it, the story went off in many directions and she too became part of it. …

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Risk (2016 film)