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Trump Supporters Celebrate Loss of Health Insurance


(New Yorker::Borowitz Report) – Andy Borowitz:

Moments after House Republicans voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act on Thursday, millions of Trump supporters celebrated the imminent loss of their health insurance. …

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Trump supporters


Trump’s Healthcare Abomination


(The Independent::Voices) – Paul Waldman:

It is no exaggeration to say that if it were to become law, this bill would kill significant numbers of Americans. People who lose their Medicaid, don’t go to the doctor, and wind up finding out too late that they’re sick. People whose serious conditions put them up against lifetime limits or render them unable to afford what’s on offer in the high-risk pools, and are suddenly unable to get treatment. …

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Pregnancy to Cost 425% More Under Trump’s Health Plan


(Independent) – Katie Forster:

The American Medical Association said in a letter to the House last week opposing the bill that even protections in the MacArthur Amendment “may be illusory” and the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network expressed concern that the plan could return the US to a “patchwork system” that drives up insurance costs for the sick. …

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Those Evil Girl Scouts


(FTB) – Mano Singham:

If there is one organization that conjures up images of wholesomeness, it is the Girl Scouts. When my daughters were young, they were members of that inclusive and welcoming group and selling their cookies was the easiest thing because everyone loved the Girl Scouts. And the cookies were pretty good, too.

Patricia Miller writes that the archdiocese of Kansas City of the Catholic Church has seen through that façade and recognized the evil that lurks within and demanded that all its parishes cut off all ties with the Girl Scouts. …

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Girl Scouts