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A Tao For One


(FTB stderr) – Marcus Ranum:

So I come to The Tao. There are assertions in the Tao Te Ching, and surrounding it – unsupported assertions. Assertion: it was written by a really smart guy one day. Assertion: there is a “balance” to life and it’s all very nebulous and it does not appear to be a real ‘thing’ so much as it’s an emergent property of all the things. Assertion: we know wisdom when we encounter it. I’ve met people who interpret The Tao as everything ranging from Dharma/Karma to the Universe or conservation laws. I’m willing to keep it at the newtonian action/reaction level, which is pretty Taoist, if you think about it. …

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Statue of Lao Tze


My Deconversion, Part 1


(Patheos::Excommunications) – Rita Forbes:

Where do I start? It’s hard for me to even pinpoint exactly where my deconversion started. I can’t land on an exact day or moment that I can say was pivotal in starting to change my worldview. But I do remember the first thought I had which showed things were not okay: “How can we be so confident we are right?” …

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