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If the Universe is expanding, why aren’t we?


(Starts With A Bang!) – Ethan Siegel:

Space is getting bigger, but atoms, humans, Earth and our Milky Way stay the same size. How is this possible? …

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Trump Is Tame Compared to India’s Modi


(The Independent::Voices) – Sunny Hundal:

Narendra Modi’s party came to power after several of its members tore down a mosque in 1992. Since then it has banned 11,000 foreign NGOs from India and incited religious hatred that led to thousands of attacks on Muslims and lower-caste Hindus for disrespecting cows. …

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Narendra Modi

Our Brilliant Plan Cannot Fail!


(Slate Politics) – Katy Waldman:

Trump and his henchmen keep ruining their Muslim ban by bragging about it like dumb movie villains. …

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Trump signing Executive Order 13780