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Why Stonehenge Was Abandoned


(Non Sequitur) – Wiley Miller:

I‘m already dreading doing this again in the fall.” …

nonsequitur 2017/03/12

Wiley Miller: Non Sequitur: Stonehenge


It’s Worse Than You Think


(FTB stderr) – Marcus Ranum:

I’m usually surprised by the coverage regarding NSA/CIA/FBI spying: there’s some stuff we definitely should be scared of, and there’s other stuff that I file under “so, what?”

For example, the fact that the US government has consistently ignored its own laws regarding wiretapping: nobody who has observed any government in action should be surprised by that.

For example, Herbert Yardley published “The American Black Chamber” in 1931, documenting a slightly fictionalized version of his exploits monitoring communications during WWI, before, and after. …

stderr 2017/03/11 worse-than-you-think

Herbert Yardley: The American Black Chamber