Parting Words

(New Yorker) – George Packer:

In his farewell address from Chicago, President Obama had one overriding message: that American democracy is threatened – by economic inequality, by racial division, and, above all, by the erosion of democratic habits and institutions.

Politicians are always letting the public off the hook – it might be the most unforgivably dishonest thing they do. Obama was more candid than most, reminding Americans that the quality of our democracy depends on us – on our capacity to reason and to empathize, our attachment to facts, our willingness to get our hands dirty even when the political game seems sordid or futile. The key word of the speech was “citizen,” which Obama called “the most important office in a democracy,” …

newyorker 2017/01/23 parting-words

Tom Bachtell: Obama's parting words


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