A Silver Lining

(FTB) – Mano Singham:

While the immediate results of the presidential election have ominous implications in the near term in the US, especially for the poor, minorities, women, and the LGBT community, and can make people feel depressed, it sometimes helps to take the long view and see that the pendulum swings back and forth and that in general, we are much better off now than we were in the past and that we can help swing that pendulum again away from the likes of Trump and what he represents.

Two people who are in a particularly good position to take the long view are Noam Chomsky and Harry Belafonte, two giants of US politics, who are well aware of how bad the past was, contrary to the views of some who say that we need to go back to those times in order to ‘make America great again’. At the 20th anniversary celebrations of Democracy Now! held at the Riverside Church before an audience of more than 2,000 people, they both reflected to host Amy Goodman on the dangers posed by the Trump presidency but also provided some glimmers of hope. …

singham 2016/12/09 silver-lining

Noam Chomsky and Harry Belafonte

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