Pray Those Abortions Away

( – Valerie Tarico:

For those who would like to see fewer abortions, perhaps it’s time for prayers of a different sort, ones that focus on the reasons behind abortion and the complicated reality of women’s lives, and so display Christian compassion at its best instead of Christian judgment at its worst. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Pray that God will keep all women healthy during pregnancy, eliminating pregnancy conditions that maim and kill. …
  2. Pray that God will stop fetus formation from going awry so that abortions for fetal defects become unnecessary. …
  3. Pray that God will stop impulsive young teens from ovulating or producing viable sperm. …
  4. Pray that God will prevent parents who are financially strapped from getting pregnant when they don’t want to. …
  5. Pray that God will “shut that whole thing down” in cases of rape and when women are pressured or forced into pregnancy. …
  6. Pray that God will end in utero transmission of Zika and Toxoplasmosis and German Measles. …
  7. Pray that God will more fully exercise his own role as all knowing, all loving aborter-in-chief. …

valerietarico 2016/10/15 abortions

Pray to end abortion


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