Learn from Einstein’s Clarity

(Patheos::Barrierbraker) – Peter Mosley:

When I talk to Christians sometimes it seems like one is always trying to dismiss God by saying that He doesn’t matter. Therefore I should tolerate Him.

But the frustrating thing is that these same Christians will turn right back around behind my back and tell other people that – hey, wait a second, God is real, God is wonderful, and we NEED to follow Him. …

When I ask a Christian about hell, they’ll almost invariably say, “Well, that’s up to God.” And yet they’ll walk out the door and tell anyone who will believe it that they need to come to God to be “saved.” …

Albert Einstein didn’t identify as an atheist, so he differs from me in that respect. But he was absolutely clear that he was not defending some half-baked religious conception of God, nor was he endorsing a personal God – God, to him, was a metaphor for his admiration of “the structure of the world.”

Christians today need to learn from his clarity and stop with the double-timing doublespeak.


barrierbreaker learn from einstein



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