A Spectaclist Take on the Presidential Primaries

(The Colossus) – In his seminal work The Society of the Spectacle, Guy Debord remarked upon the progressive degradation of social life under capitalism, which over the decades has brought about a socio-cultural shift from being to having to appearing. …

We are reminded that elections in their current form and politics more generally are fundamental components of our spectacular society, for like the spectacle as a whole, they ‘affirm… the choices that have already been made in the sphere of production’. The fait accompli of which Debord speaks is a global economy built on exploitation, and it is one that elections alone cannot be expected ever to reconstruct.

It is a travesty even of capitalist ‘democracy’ that American voters will be forced this autumn to choose between two of the most unlikable characters in their country, many of them in the knowledge that both represent absolutely despicable views of the world. One has succeeded in activating fascist impulses on a truly fearsome scale, while the other has a clear record of support for policies whose outcomes have historically brought about the conditions for fascism itself. …

thecolossus 2016/05/23 primaries




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