Trump Has No Serious Ideas Yet

(Slate::Moneybox) – Jordan Weissmann:

Once in a while, like a lucky drunk driver careening madly down the road until he swerves safely into his own garage, Donald Trump stumbles into some vaguely cogent-sounding comments about public policy.

For pundits, these momentary flashes of near-clarity can be seductive. So when Trump offers up a sound bite that seems somewhat supportive of, say, your preferred approach to macroeconomic management or trade, it’s really, really tempting to spin out a punchy story explaining “Why Donald Trump Is Right About X.”

And as we get closer to the general election and Trump gives more formal policy addresses, these types of articles will probably become more common.

Reader, allow me to plead for a moment: Approach these pieces with deep, deep skepticism. …

slate 2016/04/28 pundits

Donald Trump mouthing off



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