The “Rule of Three”

(FTB) – Mano Singham:

In watching Michael Moore’s film “Where to Invade Next” that I reviewed here, I was struck by a segment that he had on the role of women in Iceland. In 1980, that became the first country to democratically elect a woman as president of a republic and she went on to serve four consecutive terms. Every major political party in Iceland now requires a minimum of 40% of women members.

When Moore discussed the role of women in their country with some Icelandic women, one of them brought up what she called a “Rule of Three” that said that if one wanted to change the culture of an institution, one had to have a minimum of three women. One woman would be treated as a token, and two women would not be powerful enough to challenge the status quo, but three women is the tipping point. …


US Supreme Court 2010


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