The Clothespin Campaign

(The New Yorker::Daily Comment) – Adam Gopnik:

It was no surprise when Jean-Marie Le Pen, the former leader of France’s far-right National Front, endorsed Donald Trump. The shared identity of the two political movements was merely being affirmed: extreme right-wing authoritarians whose core ideology is racist and anti-immigrant, coalescing around anti-Muslim rage (in Le Pen’s case, with the previous addition of anti-Semitism), and both strongly “corporatist,” i.e., not at all liberal but also not at all unfriendly to government welfare programs. It looks like the classic fascist double whammy, in plain English.

The difference, not insignificant, is that Le Pen, and to this day his daughter Marine, who inherited the party, are quarantined away from respectable conservatism.

The French Socialists were willing to hold their nose and vote for Chirac. If the Republican conservatives are serious, rather than merely self-serving, you’ll know it by their defections. You will know it if, as may well happen, sometime in October, the Bush clan tacitly or openly endorses Hillary. Sometimes, as the French left learned, the people you can’t stand are better than the people you can’t live with. …


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton



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