The Government Explains Why It Took My Email

(The Intercept) – Barrett Brown:

I happened to learn that Tolkien was not only a sentimental Luddite, which is a typical enough English vice, but also a sort of Ultramontanist reactionary, which is not. It also turns out that he once got all upset with his theological protégé C.S. Lewis for joining the Church of England rather than his own precious, precious Catholic Church. Later Lewis married a divorcée and Tolkien stopped talking to the poor fellow altogether. Nonetheless, I did find the Two Towers very charming, and probably would have enjoyed it even more had I not been so distracted by having to keep an eye out for pro-Franco subtexts. …

Quotation of the Day:

“This policy also states Pending Investigation or Disciplinary Action for TRULINCS Abuse or Misuse.”


Prison bus


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