After Paris and Beirut, Now What?

(FTB) – Mano Singham:

Now that the immediate shock of the massacres by ISIS in Paris and Beirut, plus the bringing down of the Russian airliner, is easing somewhat, it may be possible to step back and ask oneself: Why now? Why were these horrific attacks unleashed at this point in time?

After all, it has always been the case that if you have people willing to die, it is easy to kill large numbers of people. Attacks on ‘soft’ targets, public spaces where people predictably gather in large numbers like markets, sports and concert venues, public transport, and so on and have always been possible. People who are loyal to ISIS have presumably been lurking around for a while. So why was this attack unleashed now? It is important to try and understand the reasons so as to avoid compounding the problem. …


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