The Worst Passage In The Bible

(Patheos::Barrierbraker) – Peter Mosley:

When I first deconverted, I thought it would be easy to get the Christians in my life to deconvert, too.  Especially the fundies. It shouldn’t be that hard to convince people that we didn’t become aware of morality because naked people ate fruit at the prompting of a talking snake, or that the laws of the Old Testament were misogynistic and homophobic and transphobic nonsense, or that the genocides were the product of war-hungry tribes who needed an excuse to take over land, or that virgin births don’t happen any more often than people walking on water, or that it’s a bit absurd to think a godman waltzed out of a tomb after three days of stone cold death, or that it’s harmfully ignorant to think that hell exists for all the awesome non-Christians in the world (like yours truly).

But I was wrong.  Oh, I was wrong. I mean…I could argue so that Christians could admit that I made logical sense. I could show them things that made them “uncomfortable” and that they “struggled” with.  But then they usually rubber-banded back into full on Christian mode, thanks to I Corinthians 1:17-31. …


King James Bible, 1611


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