Not a Miracle

(Patheos::Barrierbraker) – Peter Mosley:

You’ve probably run into this scenario before.

You’re sitting with one of your religious friends and they say, “I know God exists.  Because once I prayed for my grandmother’s cancer to go away, and it completely disappeared!  The doctors don’t know why – it’s a miracle!”

Or maybe it wasn’t their grandmother’s.  It was their best friend’s cousin’s uncle’s pastor’s wife’s grandmother’s second husband, as told in a Sunday morning sermon on hope.  Or maybe it was just read off the Internet and is from a random Facebook friend, or something.

To start with the basics, the biggest problem with this scenario is that it ignores all the other individuals who were prayed for who didn’t get healed from cancer.

Now, if prayer cured cancer, then I think every cancer ward should be stocked with a full-time pray-er. But there is no evidence to suggest that it does.  In fact, in at least one study, telling someone you are praying for them if they are ill is more likely to make them worse than better, as the New York Times reported. …


Duerer Prayer


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