Grace in the Face of the Original American Sin

(Patheos::Barrierbraker) – Peter Mosley:

I said before that there is a danger in the concept of grace in that it can make us complacent to the ongoing injustices in our society. Indeed, I expressed concern about that in my response to the Dylann Roof bond hearing, where a murderer was forgiven by the victims. I continue to think that mere forgiveness will not move us forward – examining the causes within the painful wound of ongoing racism in this country is of paramount importance, and the concept of forgiveness gets in the way of that. As I said a few paragraphs before, there is an added danger that the concept of grace will excuse the wrong people and have us accepting injustice and inequality in a very unhealthy manner.

But “grace” defined by Obama that afternoon at the AME church was a different. It was a grace you had to fight for. …

Grace as defined by Obama was in the ability to see hope in the face of what many would call hopelessness – not forgiveness from arbitrary sin, but the ability of people to, in the face of injustice that created broken down communities, work hard day after day to fight the wrongs of racism that were rampant in their communities. …


Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church Charleston


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