Christian Gaslighting

(Patheos::Roll to Disbelieve) – Captain Cassidy:

One of the worst problems in Christianity involves how its adherents – largely taught and modeled by their own teachers and authority figures – get this idea that they know best. This knowledge is sometimes couched in “a word from the Spirit,” like some supernatural birdie whispered in their ears some arcane bit of knowledge, but not necessarily; it may be presented as some nugget of wisdom imparted to some lesser mortal by someone who knows much better what ought to be done in any given situation.

When the target of this exalted wisdom doesn’t quite feel the same way, then gaslighting often comes into play. …


Ingrid Bergman in 1944 film Gaslight


One Response to “Christian Gaslighting”

  1. chicagoja Says:

    Obviously, they believe that they and only they have the one and only holy book which is the authentic Word of God. However, with the exception of Paul’s letters, they don’t even know who wrote the various scriptures.

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